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Improving your Blogging skills.

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The best way to improve your weblog is to Blog, Blog and Blog and then to Blog some more.

Yes friends, to be a better blogger improve yor writing skills and that can be done only if you write, write and write....Remember, Practice makes Perfect.You need something to talk about, correct? For that read. Spend sometime reading daily. It will give you ideas. Think up a title for your post and the ideas will start flowing . Keep a journal. Whenever you get an idea, drop whatever you are doing and note it down. Also, pay attention to spelling and grammar.

Content matters - No amount of search engine optimization or blog membership is going to get you traffic, if your Blog is poorly written. Whatever your style - entertaining, funny, deep, informational... Improve on content. If your blog content is good you will have new returning readers.

Secondly, Be Original. Be unique like your signature. Do not be a copy of others. You can tell when a person is copying or recycling something. Show that you are a real person. Distinguish yourself from millions of other bloggers. You can also read what other bloggers are saying and how, and then develop a style of your own. So blog your own stuff and have an interesting voice.

Thirdly, Stay focused. Decide on a topic which interests you and you are passionate about. Many bloggers do write on various topics like Politics, Marketing, Family... but the trick is to create a niche.

Also, learn new skills and develop your abilities to do some basics. Upgrade your skills. Learn how to find and keep readers, how to promote your blog on Technorati, how to get listed in search engines, how to .... You can also draw upon the expertise of others to balance your capabilities.

Take time out to respond to comments on your blog. Acknowledge your readers. Show that their comments are appreciated. Make it personal.

Most important, update your blog as much as you can. Blog regularly. Weekly, daily, hourly .... Atleast once a week is the minimum required.

Published: 2006-07-26
Author: Kalpana Singh

About the author or the publisher
I love writing and have written many articles for my local magazines and newspapers.

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