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He breathed hard and trembled beside her as she lay there motionless taken away by the weighty sleep. He raised his ribs and held his breath in a bid to succumb it lest she got wind of his, could be, malicious endeavors. It didn’t work, it didn’t save him, the bed had creaked and the sheets had twittered and his prey had woken up with a start. She grabbed him in purported fear and unexpected terror as she soothingly declared her fright. He didn’t move and his tool swelled in utter anticipation. As she slowly lost her grip for him to yet another nap, she had whispered inaudible words in his ears as her fingers run down his chest. He grabbed her, seized her bra off frantically, explored her breast hurriedly and parted her legs for fear of her changing her mind. She mourned.

As he descended slowly, his mouth wide open facing up, he groaned as her soft thighs brushed the head that seemed aware of its destination. He twitched his teeth and bit his lower lip bringing forth his weighty chest down squarely on the tender breasts of his companion. He had felt the two soft labials block his head but had given way as the launched explorer pierced through them fighting its way into her succulent path that led to the eleventh heaven. Unlike the outside, he experienced a sudden spasm of devilish enthrallment, he had been held captive of the sensation to feel it he had to hit again. He had no choice but to groan as he soloed for his outward and return journey, this time, she was writhing beneath him feeling it and holding him tight by the waist.

With the aid of the already flickeringly smoldering candle, he looked deep into her urging, wickedly unquenchable eyes. With a lunge of his entire weight, and with a thunderous thud on her virtue, he omnivorously caressed his way into her little paradise on earth! She let a yell of satisfaction. His superhuman carnal appetite skyrocketed to monstrous notches. Bound by invisible tethers of emotional outpouring, the couple curled into a fetal shape, rolled generously across the bamboo bed that cringed under their excited weight. They convulsively skidded off the bed and harmlessly fell on the floor unhurt, inseparably wound into one soul. Unconscious of where they were and catapulted to an instinctive epitasis, they pushed themselves into each other adventurously issuing groans of gigantic pleasure. He held her to himself a little longer, benevolently sucking her engulfing lips that swallowed his in one mighty swipe that left him lifeless.

He felt a numbing sensation slither through his unfeeling bones. Gasping for breath and unaware of himself, he thrashed himself steadily against her snaky body for a couple of split-seconds before unloading himself in a fitful pre-eclampsia. She clasped his sweat-washed body sedating his ribs with mathematical meticulousness. Appreciatively, he reciprocated with an animalistic pat over her gourd-like boobs. A bewitching craving assailed his hazy mind and he, as if he had just begun, rejuvenated into virility of a tiger, he, like the pistons of an engine, pestled inwardly exploring her anatomy’s canyons that had laid for years untouched. With a saintly naivety, he once more drew to himself letting a yelp of one running out of life. Amid groans, he eased himself into her as she wallowed beneath his weight. Exhaustedly, he disengaged himself like famished hound, rolling down to settle beside her heaving sighs like one who had off loaded his long born burden.


He passed hurriedly to the M-pesa agent across the counter humming one of his bosom hymns, ‘Life’s a sweet sojourn’. The events of the past month had tutored him more than ever about this sweet world. He had known how to curve himself a little paradise in an otherwise hell-on-earth, trouble-laden and frustrating universe. He looked forward to living and letting live. He lived his life to the fullest: no stress, no definite woman, no kids to nag, no intruders, just him, himself and himself alone. Death seemed his only predator and he dared it to come any time if it so deemed. Life to him was for living and not for brooding, not for regrets and not for those who play too safe and die long before they even started living.

He drew his fancy phone, pressed the menu navigator button, punched the keys until the screen digitalized, ‘M-pesa’. Punching his pin code, he lifted his gaze and he bet that Lucifer knew that what he saw was unalloyed beauty; beauty in its natural form. She volunteered a smile and he allowed himself to think that he had seen some gold in her mouth, he lost his senses momentarily. Mustering some feeble bravado, he complimented that he was he fine and that, he had came to withdraw some coins to be finer: thirty-two thousand in exactitude. After keying in some details in the computer, she shot him an enticing glance that glued him to her and bewildered him seconds later that he couldn’t even see the notes that were strewn generously before his very nose. Seeing her prey baited by her gorgeousness, she allowed some moments of quietude to pass between them.

Methodically, and with religious precision, she tapped his hand into consciousness as he felt her soft flesh touch his. He derived some sort of evil pleasure from her touch and his propinquity to his angel incarnate. He felt that she had been put in that stand, inaccessible to him, purposely to kill him with yearning. He saw the barrier and the glass between them melt away and he plunged himself injuriously against the glass sill. In a heap, he collapsed on the carpeted floor blood oozing profusely from the multiple bruises he had sustained from his infatuos venture. Perplexed by the paradigm turn of really unnerving episodes, she simply dialed, nine… nine… nine!

He lifted his red soaked forehead and blowing off stuffs of blood from his mouth, grinned in a bid to portray his painlessness. She was marveled and hanged on the emergency call amid in-digging for information from the other side. She stood instantly, posed a plastic smile and inquired politely if all was well. Amid stares from the curious on lookers, he stuffed the notes in his hind pocket, slid his contact card to her through the glass space and in short but accurate strides left the bureau covering his forehead with a handkerchief. She, in utter bamboozlement, took the card and run across the details chaotically- Daniel McOdhiambo, Odhis and Sons Company.

******************** ******************* *********************

His office door creaked seconds later after he had requested the secretary to usher in the visitor. He lifted his eyes like one ready to face a profitable contractor but what met his eyes was indeed breathtaking. She picturesquely shot him a wickedly magnetizing glance that drove his salivating mouth into a series of poorly articulated chants of welcome. He adjusted his optical glasses, bit his lower lip and ,as though bewildered, pointed at a swivel chair to which the beauty queen sauntered towards and lowered her self carefully sinking into its comfort. An intimate dialogue ensued. He periodically threw scandalous glances at her that she felt pierce into her.

Fighting off the humiliating embarrassment of their previous rendezvous, he suggested, naïve-sounding and baby-shy, that they should have a rejuvenating drink. Those memories of how he had catastrophically tampered with reality still lingering, he stood and gentlemanly approached his office fridge. He filled her glass with some cold Alvaro. He smilingly patted her back and went on fumbling his hands in the fridge undecided what to take. Finally, he allowed himself a bottle of Tusker: the finest lager.

Having won a vehicle to escapism, placing his glass on the table and sitting on his chair again, he keenly, like one with a microscope scrutinizing the transient creatures, searched for her eyes which were already giving in to an Alvaro’s romantic touch. In the words of his ancestors, his long-sought prey had brought itself in his very den!

He lowered himself to the press phone and still staring at this scintillating prey, ordered his secretary to cancel all his appointments that afternoon. In that improbably unlikely event of his fellow associates pouring in, he gave a prescription that she should make them know that he was death-dealingly sick! unperturbed by such an order, she conformed to it envious of these two love birds that she had cleverly guessed would soon be engrossed in a lovely and romantic seizure.

After this lackadaisical issuance of rigidly rigorous commands, and with his drunken head highballing, he imperiously gave the mahogany door an earnest kick that flung it shut. The next second caught up with him when he had knelt by her and totally gotten arrested by her romantic saccharinity that lay evidently only in her sexy bedroom eyes. He, for the umpteenth time, accused his seemingly superhuman urges that only served as a torment upon his soul for they could never be satiated under the sun! He, like a high court judge, looked at her above his optical lenses, read out her charges and before God and man, accused her of being too beautiful, too enticing, and too gorgeous to be arraigned in his love court. In it, he declared her culpable for self-righteous neologistic sexual catatonia. Seeing herself guilty of all this charges, she opted to stay quiet taking note of every compliment thereof.

Convicting herself of an emotional transgression unforgiveable, she sentenced herself into the sweet penitentiary of his deepest basest recesses of his warmly soothing soul. Holding her by her rounded luscious hips, he assisted her up the swivel chair and as their millimeter gap weathered, their expectant lips met for one great suck that left both the jury and the convict in a sensational outpouring. Her heart dried up for him. Their irrepressible yearning for each other impulsively drew them together. His right hand adventurously tucked in between her legs, he went up the smooth highway to touch one alluring part of her anatomy that made her bodily confess that she was losing her center of gravity. He held her lest she collapsed. Out of thirsty anguish, he squeezed himself against her feeling her warm baking belly touch his.

Stooping like an unpropped tomato plant, he with his left hand reached for his zipper and unveiled his black complexioned, long, tapering, and iron-stiff and upwarping naked penis. He raised her unto the desk and rolling up her skirt thus disrobing her fleshy thighs, he got into the business of finding his way in. With a robust lurch he mounted her serpentine body. He felt himself warm into her. As if denied of her, he rapaciously pulled her into his insatiable self! In one pause, he subversively disaffiliated his coat, tie and shirt, and throwing them somewhere behind him schmaltzily, he re-inserted his navigator and rejuvenated like a porn star. He breathed hard amid her groans and murmurs that where reasonably indistinctive. Pumping deliriously each moment his vigor heightening, he held her wasp-like hips moving her up and down the bed like a grinding stone.

She let out one yell as she abruptly held him by his ears her once firm grip on them weathering to a gentle touch of running fingers. In one moment, he felt a warm flow of some unknown, to him, thick, sensational liquiscent sooth his unflaccid cock. In a few hard thrushes, he felt some sort of excitement and he groaned like one whose energy had been siphoned as he clinched his teeth to an historic relief of pleasure. Mcodhiambo lost his grip to her and she slithered off his hands and sat on the carpet leaning on the wall. He placed his hands on the table and knelt like one in a prayer.

Hearing a knock on his office door, they both jerked in fear and frantically searched for their garments and tried to do away with anything that would apparently sell them away to the unexpected visitor. As the door creaked open, they both, from their initial positions, turned their heads towards the door. Their eyes met the secretary who stood there looking at Mr. McOdhiambo with her this-client-has-overstayed eyes.


The bus must have hit a pothole, for the swerve that brought McOdhiambo back from dreamland was one that saw him crash his head hard upon the hard window sill. Yawning and still dazed, he stretched his hands. And before he could feel his muscles stretch, a soft hand threw his left hand and it hit the red coach in front. He jerked in haste to inquire the provocation that led to such a barbarous revenge and above all- from a lady! He twitched his teeth and turned right in order to teach the culprit a lesson only to meet a smiling and an apologetic face that rendered his once stony face guilty of overreaction. She instantly confessed that she didn’t mean to be that cruel only that he had missed pricking her eyes by an inch. She continued to shower him with apologies and a few minutes later, she was amazed to realize that he was not listening but remained glued to her face as his wide moustached mouth remained agape. He only regained his senses a second or so later when she shook his shoulders softly whispering ‘sir’.

‘That is most irregular of me. See, I don’t get that irritated easily… and er… Okey, well, I am McOdhiambo T.P.S Ouma, PhD’.

‘What! Okey, I’m Rose, a teacher in Mai high school’.

For a moment, no one said a word. McOdhiambo, with all his self-proclaimed acquaintance with a wooing variety of talk, ran out of words in a moment. She shot him a glance, smiled slyly and stared at far way places through the window. He licked his lips as his face registered some sort of forced shyness. He adjusted his sitting position, placed his head on his left palm and slowly drifted into sleep undaunted by the swerving of the mini-bus.

Her soft fingers run down his hairy chest and he let out a mighty sigh. He, with great experience, reached for her panty and holding its shielding part, he pulled it sideways partly brushing the hyper-sensitive labials of her vagina. She reciprocated with an involuntary retreat of her hips. McOdhiambo’s long alerted tool felt hot in the hands of Miss Rose, who for about five minutes, had been gently caressing it with her accurate right hand. Each time her fingers rested on the head, McOdhiambo responded with an almost indistinctive cry ‘No babe, Eeeeh! No’. However, Rose sought to intensify her touch by concentrating her finger-strumming on the head leaving her companion wallowing beneath her in utter excitement.

In the hands of an inexperienced man, Rose would have been left to the task alone, but in collaboration with a man of McOdhiambo’s sort, that was not the case. In a sudden twist of events, McOdhiambo rolled her off his belly and tactfully landed her safely on her back unto his flamboyant bed. Ripping her off the entire dressing, he knelt greedily between her parted legs. He hurriedly tacked out his half way worn panty and let his somewhat abstracted black tool slither with ease and swing like a tape that seemed to decipher the distance between him and Rose. Placing his hands on her juicy thighs, he made the head of his penis rest gently upon her already wet labials as if to tease her. Rose closed her eyes and clasped her teeth together in an indefinable eagerness. She waited patiently for him. God!

She felt a warm sensation stalk into her. She moved on her back in a bid to make it penetrate deeply. Her hands round his waist, she rhythmically lifted her hips up and then down, up then down, up and down. McOdhiambo was not static though, he was, from above her, swerving his buttocks round in sensational coils that made the taper in her go round and round each move creating a wide variety of sexual arousement. They talked in whispers!

The action had gone to higher heights, for as McOdhiambo stroke hard into her, she, in the midst of groans, lifted her self meticulously to meet his thrush somewhere in the mid-air. The harder he pumped, the louder she groaned, the louder she groaned the more she accurately lifted herself to him, and the more repeatedly it happened, the more enthralling the two felt.

She yelled a few minutes later to inform him that she was almost flowing off and as if to hasten the flow he made swift and quick shots that soon took control of him. He ,like many other times, felt his entire body take over the action from him as his once slow shots become electric trembles that triggered a sudden spasm of out-coming flow of his a week and a half accumulated fluid. He felt to laugh, to rejoice, to chuckle as he experienced a heavenly feeling of flowing into her. Hardly had the electric shaking of his body came to a halt, when Rose let out a baby-like cry as he felt hers soak his cock in one mighty drown. In a heap, he collapsed unto her soft chest and tears streamed from his eyes as she whispered sweet words into his ears her hands brushing his short hair.

‘Sir… sir! Excuse me sir!’, Rose called out for him as she gently shook his shoulders. ‘I am truly sorry to bother you sir, but we have already reached the city center and felt I should wake you up’.

All along the journey she had watched him at times grab the coach in front of him as if to embrace it his entire body in total contact with it. She at first thought he was supporting himself but had wished away that myth later when she saw his lips move as if to kiss the coach. She also watched him curve a smile of one in a love making scene. She had wondered.

His hands still tightly holding the coach, he jerked to wakefulness. Looking around and suddenly withdrawing his tight grip, he absent-mindedly asked her if they had arrived. As Rose got busy answering him, McOdhiambo stretched his body and he suddenly felt unexpected wetness under his pants. He rubbed his thighs together as if to confirm his fears and in no doubt he was indeed wet. Coming to his realization also was the fact that all the events involving him and a Miss Rose had taken place in another world- a world of dreaming. He hated himself and for a moment he was bothered by how he would get off the bus without anybody noticing the mess he had put himself to. He, to disguise his shame, invented a conversation with Rose as the mini-bus slowed down to a halt at the bus station.

‘Forgive me my dear young lady, some of these calls of nature like sleep, are far too inevitable’, he began, ‘See, I spent the entire yesterday’s night at a meeting in Machakos town and er… I didn’t sleep a wink. My driver will be picking me up here’, he added his eyes searching her face for clues that she had gotten wind of his disgusting experience.

‘Sorry sir, may be it was my fault not to have engaged you to a talk. Well, I will alight at the next station where the bus from our convent will pick me up,’ she apologetically put in, ’you go well sir and may God bless you’, she added as she stood to give way for him to pass.

He lifted his body cautiously, reached for his brief case and in short steps squeezed himself through the spaces of the coaches. He parted his legs economically lest his wet trouser sold him out to her and the rest of the passengers. In baby-like steps, he slowly walked out of the mini-bus to the reception of his driver. And as he lifted his legs unto his Benz, something in the station’s manner made him look back. Through the blurry glass window of the mini-bus, he saw Rose waving at him. He smiled back at her and boarding his vehicle, he cursed at the realization that Rose was a catholic sister! But in a high school boy’s satisfaction, he grinned stupidly as he filled himself with the consolation that he had had her sexually and fully- only in a different and unique way!

Published: 2009-02-14

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I am a graduate of Moi university kenya in Linguistics and Foreing languages. I am aged twenty two and a good narrative and descriptive writer. i currently write with an online company the i have with me finished poems and short stories. i also write sex episodes and i have four episodes so far. i am a single male of an African origin.

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