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In pursuit of spirituality


Spirituality this word for sure is the best english word ever.this concept can easily be understood by people but for me this has been a very complicated matter.there are different views from various people regarding the fact spirituality, i cant come to conclusion with different facts confusing my mind.

Is spirituality a prospect of one's soul should a person meditate,perform uncanny rituals to be spiritual however i know that this has got something to with god "the almighty" many people usually think that praying will make them spiritual but i totally disagree because praying alone wont make a man holy.there are various facts which make a man spiritual things like, showing kindness,gratitude,honesty. These are the most basic aspects which gives shape to an ultimate man isn't it?

I'll describe this fact differently.a thief is a person who is responsible for crimes,murder it is obvious that he is a very bad person who does not poses the qualities that i mentioned above.
Now this man here conducts all the sins and then prays to god meditates frequently,does this make him a spiritual person?. Now there is another man who works and sacrifices to earn wealth,he looks after his family and he means no harm to anybody doing all this he does not has time to pray or meditate do you consider him a common man?

Concluding with the fact a person can be spiritual only if he is positive in every inch of his wonderful life.

In this beautiful world no one can be a true spiritual person.
but has humans we can always stay in pursuit of spirituality.
Published: 2009-08-06
Author: prem sagar

About the author or the publisher
i am 18 years old a student pursuing his graduation through correspondence. i write articles,poems and stories. most of them are in english

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