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In the Service of the Nation

Service of the Nation

In the world most of the countries are democratic states, which have elections and people chose their representatives by using their votes to work for them and solve their problems.

By having a closer look, being a representative is not an easy job. The power is not to enjoy, it is a huge responsibility. When people cast their vote for a person, they assume that “he/she is the one” and they get hopeful that their problems will be solved. In other words the voters put their faith on their representatives. We find it very shameful that despite of serving, there are many representatives who misuse their position and use all the resources of the country for their personal entertainment and benefits and break the trust of their voters.

Many examples are available of good and bad governance in the world, some of them are given below just to have an idea what “Service of the Nation” means?

Coming towards the good example, we have Europe. Centuries back they were in dark ages but then they educated themselves, formed rules and regulations and implemented those with true honesty. Today most of the European states are welfare states and they are following the rule “By the People, For the People”. They provide free education, medical, social security and other benefits to their people and take full responsibility of their good and bad achievements

By looking more for good governance, China, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea are the examples of the hard work and the dedication. These countries do not have sufficient resources but they have progresses tremendously. This is because of the sincere and perfect policies of their leaders, sense of responsibility and the strict rule of law.

Similarly towards Middle East, Saudi Arabia and UAE are the shining stars of “The service of the Nation” even they are not the democracies but still are the model countries. UAE is becoming a heaven for tourists very rapidly.

On the other hand, if we look towards other countries with bad governance like Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Brazil and African countries, shameful to say that the leadership of these countries is not honest and mostly do not believe on “The Service of the Nation”, instead they believe in “Self Service”. In a democratic society it is said that the government is the servant of the people but here this is opposite. Everyone can see that the VIPs even the beaurocracy behave like they are the sole owner of the land.

The purpose of these examples is just to give an idea that how the true sense of “Service of the Nation” can change the fate of the countries and the people. This sense can make a nation and can destroy one. These words can easily be spelled but the meanings are very deep and difficult.
Published: 2008-11-22
Author: Haris Shahid

About the author or the publisher
I am a Commerce Graduate. I am 29 years old having parents and 02 younger brothers. My hobbies are watching TV, reading papers and surfing on net. I write letters, which publish in the papers within Pakistan and UAE. I like to proceed further in my writing carrer and want to become a good writer in some fields of my interests particularly such as current affairs, social and politicals issues etc and in other fields generally. If given chance I will try my best to prove my worth.

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