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India, the Investor's Hub

US slowdown and India

With the US economy in the verge of recession due to the notorious sub-prime crisis investors solely dependent on US economy need to diversify to save themselves from the wrath of slowing US economy and loosing their money. With the effect of globalization economies of many countries are dependent on US due to majority of trade and investments in that country, hence investors are seeing bears in other markets also not all but one market which is 80% immune to US slowdown is India. The question is how?

I would like to highlight points that will make an investor feel more secure while investing in India. They are:

1. Indian IT sector which depends upon US outsourcing is diversifying to another countries.

2. IT and BPOs have brought majority of focus in the inhouse customer sector and Indian consumer population will soon surpass China.

3. Finance Minister Mr. Chidambaram has cut down the lending interest rates specially for home loans, which will lead to rise in demand for credit and boom in the banking and credit institutions.

4. There is rise in various small scale and medium scale industries which are showing promising growth in the National stock exchange of India.

5. Indian blue chips are expanding their business which is expected to raise their profits by many folds. E.g. Tata buying Jaguar and Land Rover brands, it has also launched the $2600 car which is a landmark in itself showing efficiency, Reliance diversifying to power and natural resources, Kingfisher etc.

6. Infrastructural dvelopment and restructuring demand is bound to rise and is seen as the sector with maximum growth prospects in future.

India is the best place to invest in at this point of time and has the prospects of adding great financial value for long term investors and also short term investors making informed decisions.

Happy investing!
Published: 2008-02-13
Author: Tanmay Tewari

About the author or the publisher
I am currently a student and doing graduation in Management studies. I have completed my second year in the three year course. I am fond of writing and like to share my knowledge and experience in variety of subjects but since I am doing my graduation in business I am more informed in that field. I am also an animal lover and therefore I am a vegetarian. I have seen many sparrows lay eggs in my balcony.:-) I am more of a practical person who is also fond of innovation.

Tanmay Tewari

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