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Influence of Video Conferencing in Prisons

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Today technology plays a leading role in innovation, but it isn't the only factor. It could be the establishing base for innovation, but people are the ones that drive it forward. Technology is really only the mechanics of the process. Real innovation is about great people generating and then implementing new ideas. One such innovation is video conferencing technology.

There are several benefits in using video conferencing technology and is becoming increasingly popular among people in different fields. In past days, Government had to spend lots of money in transporting and escorting sick inmates to the doctor. But now using teleconferencing, there is no need to take them out. From a private room at the prison, inmates will be connected by video to a consultant located outside the facility and would provide care and treatment as if they were sitting together in the same room.

Basically, this is a two-way video conferencing along with medical devices like hand-held patient exam cameras for a close-up of a wound or a rash, a digital stethoscope to listen to heart or lung sounds, the ability to look into patient’s ears, nose, and throat through an ENT scope, and often x-rays, so that really a health provider can actually examine a patient and can come up with a treatment plan over distance.

Another major benefit is that processing and transporting inmates to and from off-site trips is costly, with inherent risk to public safety and security personnel. Internet video conferencing, that includes full motion video and audio via closed circuit cameras, connects the courthouse with the prison and eliminates the dilemma. Prisoners who are hearing impaired could also use this technology to explain things by using white board, chat, etc., which are some of the main features in online conferencing technology. Not only this, family visits are also possible through this technology. Vendors such as RHUB’s TurboMeeting are available in the market that serves its best to the users.

Ultimately, the use of this technology will help to conserve valuable corrections, court and law enforcement resources.
Published: 2010-03-29
Author: BrianTiller

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