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Introduction to Dream

dream, stages of dreams

Sleep is one of the necessities of man. Culturally, you fit yourself in your trousers; you get your teeth clean, catch up with your dolls and get to sleep. Since your childhood you know who is waiting in the other side for you, the sleep fairy. But actually science has more to tell you than your grandma really told you.

When in the morning, you get up, you might never know that actually you dreamt almost every night, and each night it was more than an hour. So, this morning you can yawn and think what the hell you were dreaming, if you cannot recall it. Well, there are people who think they do not dream at all. Actually, everyone dreams. Not only mammals’ fish and birds, even invertebrates like drosophila are found to be dreaming.

We spend almost a third of our life sleeping. Good sleep is considered an indicator for good health and prolongs your well being. Think of days, when by any reason, the day before you were unable to sleep properly. It must not have been a good experience. According to WHO (1998) when you have problems with your sleep, you will feel asleep at work or school or when driving, feel tired, have concentration and vigilance detriments, have memory blanks; irritability; frustration; and have a higher probability of accidents or injury.

Everyday you complete different cycle of sleep. Each cycle is 90 minutes long and has two different types of sleep system to follow. The famous and the one responsible for your dream is REM (Rapid Eye Movement). The other is NREM (Non Rapid Eye Movement). By its name, you must have been clear; at REM your eye will move rapidly and at NREM they won’t.

REM is also considered to be the 5th cycle, the first four are NREM. During 1st cycle you actually get into sleep. Your vision is blurred; you forget your environment and get lost with the sleep fairy. Actually, you are half way only into sleep. Here in this stage you might suffer hypnic jerks. The 2nd stage can be considered period of sound sleep. Well in the 3rd stage, also known as slow-wave sleep you really are in a period of transition to stage 4. Here in this stage you might even try to walk around or talk to the sleep fairy. Maybe propose her, for next time, to be with you in bed. Obviously, that will be something she cannot deny. Anyone who is in this stage of sleep cycle is accordingly difficult to make him/her awake.

Some people they don’t satisfy with night dreams, thus go for day dreams too. Many famous people, including Newton used to day dream. Previously, Govt of America issued concerns to parents, and asked them not to give their baby a chance to day dream; they thought it would be dangerous. But recently, it is clear that day dreams are hygienic. They promote imagination, clarity and provide a chance of analyzing your day. By day dreaming you simply can visualize your day. If it is good for artists, writers, musicians, mathematicians and physicists; it is good for all.

Sleep is actually, a practice that saves time for our nervous system, to repair its broken nerves and places where blood is not supplied. The body manages this time and repairs cells, cleans them and heals diseases. The immune system gets better and you will have a fresh look the next day. The muscles get relaxed and muscular sprains and cracks are relaxed and healed. So, if you are running out of sleep, consult a therapist.
Published: 2007-09-24
Author: Tushar Neupaney

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