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Investment: Goals and Strategies

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You are a young software engineer on the threshold of life. You'd like a beautiful wife and dozen kids, a home, a car, both fully paid for. You have read the success stories of those who started off just like you, who succeeded in boosting their incomes by putting into action that one word investment. And soon you decide to join the bandwagon yourself. A word of caution should not be out of place here. Before you jump right in now, it is better for you to find out what your investment goals are and how it all works? What do you want all the money for?

Maybe you want to fund that expensive scriptwriting course your creative juices are pressing for a long time. Knowing what your goal is right at the outset should allow you to make smarter decisions about your investing rather than in wasting time in projects that do not go anywhere. Very often people invest money with dreams of becoming wealthy overnight. Although this is not impossible to achieve, still it is rare and you may not be one of them. If your goal is about getting rich soon, you should consider studying about short-term and high yield investing plans. The art of investing is almost like a game you do not know the outcome until it is over. And like there is a strategy involved in a game where two or three are pitted against one another, investing also carries with it a strategy to go about it.

This strategy is only a directive for putting your money in plans that will make your goals come to pass in a given allotted time. Each kind of investment includes individual investments that you must choose to go for. A garment apparel shop is bound to sell trousers, T-Shirts, briefs. Likewise the stock market is also one type; it carries different stocks offered by different companies. The strategy is to select the right ones. Without extensive research, the task can become confusing only because there are so many types of investments to choose from. You will be best advised to work closely with a financial planner before making any decisive investments.

This planner will help you develop a strategy that will line up within the parameters of your tolerance for risk and achieve your goals. Never, never invest money without having a goal and a plan of action to reach that goal. No one should hand his money to anyone without knowing what the money is being used for and when the returns will get to him. Like everyone else, you will make a few investing mistakes, but you must avoid the big mistakes if you are to be successful. For instance, you do not invest at all or keep postponing it to another date. Do make your money work for you even if it is a small sum every week. Again, while not investing itself could be wrong, investing big before you are in a position to do that could be a bigger mistake. Clean up your credit record, pay first your high interest loans and credit cards. Keep at least three months of living expenses in your savings account. You can then be ready to start allowing your money to work for you. Don't put all your tomatoes in one basket.

Scatter it around in various kinds of investments for safety and best returns. Please do not panic if a stock drops a little. If its foundation is good it will bounce back alive and kicking. Some investors also follow strategies like top-down? or bottom-up? investing, strategies that are being used to find sectors that will yield above average results. In top-down, an investor looks into the prospects of the country's economy and then decides about investing in a particular sector; whereas in in a bottom-up, the investor invests anywhere he likes. In today's financial markets, it becomes imperative that you meet someone to teach you how to go about it. Your best mentor to train you would be the Internet.

It is a great information center. Google is the best example because it lists the advice of some of the most successful investors in the world. You can get videos and books listed of people who make more than $30,000 a month, all from the comforts of their home. You can also try other search engines like Yahoo and MSN to extend your search for information. The internet produces millionaires everyday. Only make sure that once you learn something, you have a plan of action.

To sum it all again, never invest money your money without having a goal and a strategy for attaining that goal; a strategy that can be learnt and practiced over a period of time. And God willing, your dream of a beautiful home and a contented family will surely come to pass soon.
Published: 2008-01-15
Author: Sunder Venkataram

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I am a freelance writer and have worked as an Editor for a book publishing company as well

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