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Is A Document Management System Necessary To Run Your Business?

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If your business is booming or if you’re looking to start a new business, you may want to consider looking into a document management system.

Today as more and more free enterprises begin to emerge, document management is becoming a mandatory element of small businesses as well as large corporations. Most established companies are in the process of gradually switching over to completely automated structures.

Eric B. Heyer the senior vice president, CFO, and CTO for the American Bank of New Jersey, a rapidly growing, $430 million community bank said, "If there’s a fire and the building becomes a crater, we don’t lose critical records. And we provide better customer service because tellers can instantly pull up customer information at any branch." Heyer states, "As a small community bank, the great thing about this technology is that ten years ago it was so far out of reach we could
never have afforded it. Today it’s priced so that we can compete with the big boys."

It’s time to redefine your management system to reduce spending, improve business decision making through timely access to current documentation and enforce data integrity and confidentiality.

The Downside of Manual Paper Management Systems

The downside of manual paper management systems is as time goes on customer information, invoices, bank records, tax files etc. begin to take up lots of space. It can also be very time consuming when trying to retrieve files. Lost and misplaced files are among common problems that arise in the office setting. Last but not least privacy issues can arise when unauthorized personnel have easy access to confidential files.

The Basic Functions of Document Management:

  • Inputting/Scanning - converting hard copy documents into digital format for subsequent storage and management

  • Indexing - allows users to identify incoming documents allowing them to be retrieved at a later date (keyed information or Barcode Recognition)

  • Storage
  • - various components (storage sub-system) used to retrieve and store information managed by the system

  • Retrieval
  • - issuing a request that is processed by the server

  • Archiving
  • - moving documents into long-term storage

    Document Management Entails:

  • Batch Scanning - scanning large volumes of original documents for indexing into document and record management systems

  • Workflow - automation of daily activities or tasks used to run the business process

  • Document Routing Approval - documents can be sent to one user after another or several at a time

  • Print capture archiving - Computer Output to Laser Disk (COLD) stores and indexes pages onto optical disk, magnetic disk or magnetic tape as an alternative to paper printouts or microfilm

  • Correspondence management - ensures that incoming (scanned documents) is answered and outgoing (word processed documents) are stored

  • E-mail Archiving
  • - allows important e-mails to be selected and stored into a document management or records management system.

  • Content management
  • - usually refers to creation, management, distribution, publishing and discovery of corporate website or intranet

  • Digital Asset Management
  • - supports the storage, retrieval and re-use of digital objects within an organization, focused on multimedia resources like images, video and audio

    An efficient document imaging system will simplify the principles of document engineering and management. It should enable you to get organized without the hassle of paper files. It will allow you to import electronic files from your office programs and organize multiple desktops. You should be able to locate private and shared files almost instantly, limit or restrict certain information and be alerted of who and when someone is viewing or updating a document.

    Choose a system that will empower you to be performance-driven when writing, publishing and maintaining personnel management tasks such as customized employment policies and employee reviews.

    Source: Digital Publishing Systems

    Published: 2006-04-09
    Author: Treci Cauthen

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