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Is data entry job a scam? it is for you to decide after reading this article.

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Is data entry job or email sending job a scam well it is for you to decide.

Hi i am a person one of you all same like you i have spent long hours, days, months and money over the net in search of a legitimate and genuine way of earning money online. One would feel by looking at the ads of the websites which claims that they will pay you $150.00/day or some say $1000.00/day that earning money over the net is very simple it just takes a one time upfront fees. But a very bad news for those thinkers is on the way. Almost 90% of these websites are scams. A huge number of people get scammed by paying these websites the fees which they call registration fees. Beware of these websites and try not to get strangled into this trap. Most of these websites will take money from you and provide you with an expired link or url or some people will hand over to you ages old data entry job or email sending job E-book with a whole new design and package to which you cannot do anything because you have already signed the agreement.

In between or you can say after the data entry job scam ate a lot of people's money. A new scam released which was again not a 100% scam but a same concept of data entry jobs but with a different idea to sell it off to you. If you look both these online jobs, oppurtunities, internet jobs, email sending jobs, data entry jobs, form filling jobs,or rebate processing jobs. The logic and method is same behind all these jobs/business. The fact id that there is no such job, the only way to earn money online or making money on the internet is by selling other prople's products and e-books. It is better known as affiliate marketing.

The whole procedure goes like this-

Step 1. You sign up as an affiliate to one of the following websites

signing up is free for all these websites.

Step 2. Once you have signed up with these websites you will be provided with a username and a password. Just log in and enter the market place.

Step 3. After entring the marketplace you will find thousands of dealers or sellers who wants you to help them selling their products and ebooks. For this help they pay you upto 75% of the market price of the product.

Step 4. Once you have chosed which product to promote or which product can be easily sold and give you more profit you will be given a specific url for that product owner's website which will include your referral id.

Step 5. Now you are ready to play the game. Advertise this url with search engines like google adwords, post it in forums, write a blog about the product, send product promoting emails, post ads to classifieds. whenevr you sell the product you earn a pre-decided commision.

Step 6. You get paid every 15 days from these websites through PAYPAL.
and that is how you make a genuine earning over the internet.

For the whole above information you pay a bulk of $$$ to these websites and you are left with one ebook in hand with which you do not know what to do. So be sure and think twice before paying an upfront fees for the websites which claims to make you rich overnight.

Now please you only decide are these jobs a scam or not....
Published: 2009-01-05
Author: uday naik

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hi my name is uday i am a trainee pilot and love to write articles on various subjects like aviation, SEO, internet marketing, baby development etc. i have written a few articles and a few are already sold. i can write good article with a wide range of variety because i have access to a lot of sources. so you can expect something intresting from me.

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