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Is Desire the Cause of Sorrow?or Progress?


The Buddha preached that desire is the cause of all worldly sorrows. But living without desire means there is no aim,no ambition and no target in life.Where will this lead us to, in this highly competitive computer era?

Therefore it is very obvious that we must have desires to win in life. Our desire started when we were a sperm cell and swam via chemotaxis and successfully reached the ovam.This desire element continues to exist in us till the death though the intensity of desire differs in individuals and in distinctive matters.

In hinduism the great Bhagavad Ghita says ‘do your duty ,do not expect results’. Here again we are confused.. How can we go on working without bothering about the results? It means we should not lose our balance when we don’t get the expected positive results. If we lose our control the efficiency in our work will be affected considerably which in turn will produce an effect on the future results.On the other hand if we get bigger results than the expectations,again it will affect our further progress as we take the victory to our head.It will surely slow down our progress.If we have the maturity of mind to be cool and work hard continuously, we will achieve in a big way one day.

So, friends, let us , desire and work hard. We shall continue our efforts until we get the desired results.The world is beautiful and let us make our life much more beautiful
Published: 2007-11-19

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I am an engineering professional having own business.I have a flair for writing.I love reading,music,tv and internet.I love all and wish to be loved by all.I am writing in a few blogs now.

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