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Is love bad or sinful?

How love makes our life colourful?

Love is an abstract feeling which cannot be explained by anyone. Love means to sacrifice, to understand and to give respect. Love is the beautiful thing in the universe which makes our life colourful. Love is an essential part oif life whether it is with GOD, parents, teachers or family and friends. To love someone is a natural tendency, infact its a relation between two or more persons while mutual understandind, respect and sincerity are the basics of true love.

GOD knows the value of love that,s why HE has created heart, heart which is replete with love is precious to GOD and when such heart breaks it becomes more precious.

To love someone is not a bad or sinful act but sometimes the ways of love are wrong. In our modern materialistic society love simply means to give and take. Our young generation believes in sexual love. This sexual attraction once grows very strong apparently disappears. Fake love affairs cause vulgarity in any society. According to my survey report (mohabat krna bura nahe he) there are 70% people in our society who are the victim of sexual love,20% dont have time to fall in love. Only 10% make true love. Now-a-day true love rarely exist in our society because of its distort conception.

Excess of love distort the power of judgement. Its impossible to love and be wise at the same time. great and worthy people have not been known to fall in love to the extent of losing mental balance. Men of high spirit keep away from love ,to them love is the result of follies.Its wrong to say that lovers are sufficient into themselves and live happily by gazing upon each other.
Men was created to contemplate divine mysteries and sublime objects not to worship the small idol of his love
(francis bacon)

Love is the passion which is the production of heart, its not the heart of life but only the part of life. T rue love was pure in past ,its pure in present and will be pure in future. Do love its not a henious crime but be in your limits

Mohabat krna bura nahe he lekin
Mohabat k kuch mayar hoa krte hen
Published: 2008-11-27
Author: sara ch

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