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Is this fair that love leaves you nowhere

love and u

Life is nothing but a story of urs and mine and love is a part of all stories we alll love throught our lives to one person or just keep on changing the person to be loved noone can teach us or force us to love anyone but somany people teach us whom not to love they try to create boundaries if our love is unacceptable to them.

But love keeps on flowing in the hearts like rivers flow and at times when this society puts on so many restrictions to lovers, the rivers get flooded and the flood wipes away all things in thier way. So true lovecan never be stopped 'coz to flow is its true nature so it flows and flows to the valley of love where u and i are alone and with us is this nature.But if u two want ot return to this world they are not going to accept you and u have no place in the world .You can either have your love or this world. If ur love is pious there is no place for you any where in this materialistic world.So love but not just for sake of trend but for a lover for a world of two of you ,for your dreams,for being there for each other in crucial phase of life.

Love for sake of GOD as HE is the one who gave birth to such a sweet thing called love.
Published: 2007-05-31
Author: monila joshi

About the author or the publisher
i write from age of 10 and i have wrtten two books on poetry and articles and few stories i want to get publlished pls help me and b my godfather actually i mailed my poems but allin vain

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