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Islam, Judaism and Christianity, The Relationship

Islam, Judaism, Christianity, One God

The following lines evaluate the relationship between three of the world’s major religions, namely Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

Today, more than 6 billion people inhabit this beautiful planet Earth, and amongst these teeming billions the majority of the believers either belong to the faiths of Islam, Christianity or Judaism. A brief on each of the three major religions being practiced by the majority of world populations reveals that of all the three major religions, Islam is perhaps the latest and newest entrant, duly arriving after Judaism and Christianity respectively.

The followers of Islam believe in the oneness of God, and accept as well as acknowledge that all the previous religions were true messages sent by God, and revealed to the populations of the earth under different prophets. The religion of Islam also teaches that 'Prophet Mohammed' (PBUH) was the last prophet and messenger sent by God, and that the book 'Koran' is the last complete message from God. The religion of Islam primarily focuses on the teachings and life experiences of its Prophet Mohammed, as also detailed in the Holy Koran. Islam further ensures that there will be no more messengers or prophets till the day of 'Final Judgment', except for the one, who the average student of religions know as Jesus of Nazareth.

He is the same Jesus, also respectfully known as Jesus Christ, who has found billions of followers in the religion of Christianity today. Aside from the belief of a One God, the followers of Islam also strongly believe in the Mercy of God, and His Love for mankind, as also detailed and described in the Koran, making Islam greatly similar to the other major religions of Judaism and Christianity.

The religion of Christianity flourished exactly 2003 years, the calendar year representing the period since Christianity has been around. Christianity bases its teachings on Jesus Christ, and through the Gospel, as the Holy revelations for the common man to understand and believe. Just as is the fate of virtually every religion, which passes through a period of change with the passage of time, Christianity too witnessed the same fate. From the single belief of Judaism, interpretation after interpretation of the Gospel, and other religious books, though for vested purpose or getting at the truth, the religion eventually broke into two principle segments or groups, Catholics and Protestants. The followers of Judaism call themselves as Catholics as they believe in the original teachings of Jesus Christ and the Gospel; while the breakaway faction of the same religion became to be known as Protestants who follow and believe a changed version from the original and orthodox Christian teachings. Such has been the seriousness of the differences between these two groups, that each critically views and vilifies the other to the extent of banishing its own members for willfully entering the churches of the other. And some even go to the extent of dooming the believers of the other's faith to hell, all the while promising their believers of a truly promised land.

Yet, the single most important aspect still common is the faith in the existence of One God. And even though different interpretations by both Catholics and Protestants, as segments or parts of the Christian religion may lead one set of believers away from the other, faith in the Oneness of God holds these religions with the other major religions, namely Judaism and Islam.

Coming to the religion of Judaism, and its emergence, it is observed that it too followed the similar set of beliefs as observed and witnessed in both the later religions of Christianity and Islam. The Prophet who was bestowed for bringing his people out of eternal servitude was Moses; his people called the Semites, and their religion Judaism, after the name Judah given to Moses, prior to the commencement of the Holy Revelations. Thus, it was Moses, who guided his people towards the belief of One God, and that every human being irrespective of his color or ancestry was equal in the eyes of This One God, establishing for the first time the respect for human life, and the emergence of first ever human rights for all human beings. The teachings of Moses thus emphasized on the existence of One God, equal rights of individual human beings, Love of God, and God's Mercy upon those who believe in the bounties and gifts of God. Thus, teachings of Judaism greatly resemble the teachings as practiced in the original Christian and Islamic beliefs, further strengthening the concept that all the three major religions, namely Judaism, Islam and Christianity have always had profound similarities.

From the above brief description of each of three beliefs of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, it is therefore observed that there is a slight difference with the Christians at one end and the Jews and Muslims together at the other end. This slight difference is found in the concept of trinity as preached and practiced by the Christians the world over, and which both the Jews and the Muslims reject, as it trespasses the belief and concept of Oneness of God.

Yet, this difference amongst the major faiths on the Oneness of God is heavily overcome with the numerous similarities that have been present ever since faith, religion and its followers first became an integral part of human lives.

For example the personality, prophet-hood, and character of Abraham, to name just one aspect, has remained the single most important linking aspect for all the above said three major religions of the world. This is evident in the relationship claimed with Abraham by all these religions, such as the Muslims' claim that Abraham was the first ever Muslim by virtue of his son, Ishmael also one of the prophets and who later became and was acknowledged as the father of the Arabs. For the Jews, their linkage to Abraham is traced through the ancestry of the famous 12 tribes of Israel, who later became the first ever rulers of ancient Israel. Similarly, the Jews too regard and acknowledge Ishmael as the leader of the Arabs and his father Abraham as the first ever Jew. For the believers of the third major religion of Christianity, Abraham's roots are traced back through the ancestry of Jacob, Ishmael's half brother. Furthermore, the Christian belief that God chose Jesus in becoming a human being, and in choosing Jesus as God's messiah, Abraham eventually 'becomes the forebear of Jesus', and similar to the stand of the Jews that Abraham fathered the 12 tribes of Israel. Hence, the presence of a common, and perhaps the strongest relationship that can in no way be disputed by either religion.

Perhaps, the single largest set of factors that can forever set and establish a common ground for all the three major religions of the world, and act as a bridging factor are the characteristics and proven facets of God. These are God's mercy, Grace, Loving nature, Kindness, Compassion, and not to forget the Oneness of God that is duly accepted and acknowledged by the all the said religions.

This common bond makes the possibility of making this world a place where all the followers of these religions can co-exists in peace and without asserting on the other that they will burn in hell, if they do not follow the sayings and preaching of either Jesus, Mohammed (PBUH), or forcing the identity of Israel.
Published: 2009-11-24
Author: Ziauddin Khan

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