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IT Gates opened at Vietnam - Bill Gates:

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IT Gates opened at VIETNAM : Bill Gates


An Important destination and visit:

Microsoft Corp Chairman Bill Gates said Vietnam has the potential to develop as an outsourcing center similar to India, during his first visit to the Southeast Asian nation.

Nod from top:

Gates met Vietnamese Prime Minister Phan Van Khai and President Tran Duc Luong in Hanoi, before crossing town to take questions from students at the Hanoi University of Technology.

Intel's entry: ( Bell the cat!! )

The visit by the head of the world's biggest software company takes place two months after Intel, world's biggest semiconductor maker, said it would build a plant in Vietnam.

“It's great that Intel is coming here, and no doubt that other information-technology manufacturers will see the kinds of skills and labour here and come into the market,'' Gates said in Hanoi.

`But in no sense should Vietnam specialize in manufacturing.

Focus on Software:
It should also focus on software development, outsourcing. There's an opportunity to do call centers.''

Citing the example of India, Gates said “hopefully Vietnam can also be a country that grows the capacity to supply skills to other countries, including the US''

Economic development sweep in Asia:

“Throughout Asia, and particularly here in Vietnam, we have seen great economic development, and the opportunity to create high-paying jobs is strong,'' Gates said. ``The key element is talent.''

Government's vision:

Thanks to the fruitful results brought about by the reform process and years of renovation and synthesis of practice , The congress of the Communicate party of Vietnam reaffirms the initiative of formulating and developing the so called "SOCIALIST ORIENTED MARKET ECONOMY " is the national general economic model in its transition to the Socialist republic regime.

The socialist republic feature of the market economy is getting more and more business - like.

Published: 2006-04-30
Author: Chockalingam Eswaramurthi

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