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It is easier to survive than to cry


Many a time we often hear people cry foul,blaming other persons for not rendering help to them,so they will have a comfortable life,their moment of bitterness never end and it accompany them to their grave.

It is wise for every person living on the surface of the earth to know that the obvious resources available for humans is limited,therefore every one had to struggle for it and in the that field of struggle
parent and child often become enemies because none is going to give each other a chance. As a result of the slim resources available and alarming increase in world population,educationist introduced the
study of economic and management to help man cope with his needs and want in the believed face of scarcity.

In the face of this untold hardship especially in the the poorest region of the world,i maintain that it is easier to survive and even live a luxury life than to cry,the logic is like this.

An hungry man who uses all the time he has got in life to cry and blame people for his misfortune or poverty,will remain miserable and eventually die before ripe age,but a man in poor condition or enviroment who click to the helm of knowledge and understand, that the earth is full with abundant resources( God made and man made) that can satisfy the desire of every living human being,as long as they are bold,courageous,determine and humble.

Now hitting the nail on the head on this topic of dicuss, a poor man with no opportunity,who is wise enough to appreciate the wonders of faeces in agriculture field will do anything and use anything to make clean money to earn a living.

Africa one of the poorest region in the world has turn into a new leaf,because some persons delibrately walk into wealth changing the life of the common man on the street from sorry to glory. At the moment many africans in many parts has started to living a comfortable life even without aid and grants from the developed countries of the world.this happened because some wisemen in the poor class of the society got their self realisation and contributed their lean resources to start an enterprising business of recycling of waste iron and plastics.although the business was established to better their own life but it created opportunity for some other poor people to make money to earn living by a way of collecting the waste plastics and iron which the factory buys for at a reasonable amount.

The business has become a big market and it is still getting bigger because the rich had eventually started investing into the business and some other has class of people has form a sector of the market(intermidiary),who buys from the boys that do the dirty job of collecting the waste in the streets, and they will inreturn will sell to the industry in bulk.

This business has improve the life of the once unemployed, thereby reducing begging to the least,secondly in the process of gathering waste iron and plastics for money, the street has became neat,therefore goverment budget for enviromental sanitation has been reduced drastically thereby allowing goverment to channel the realised fund from sanitation budget to other relevant expenditure.

While trying to pass the message accross,i did use Africa as an example, that does not mean that this idea works only in Africa,the idea is universal it can work anywhere because there are no place on
earth that there are no waste product,it does not necessarily mean that the waste must be plastics or iron,it could be anything and once this knowledge is applied the same result will be attain.

In conclusion let me maintain here that it is easier to survive than to cry blaming other people for not helping you solve your problems,because complaining and weeping are all distraction preventing a man from resolving to solve theories that could change his life,but is easier to stand out to make a difference,when there is drought in finance, and make sense out of nonesense and eventually become a celebrity,because outside the profit and good life that will be enjoyed as a result of the initiated business,those that profited from it will certainly honour you,then you will know how easy it is to grow from grass to grace,zero to hero and from sorry to glory when you do the right thing at right time.
Published: 2008-10-06
Author: igbinosa ikponmwosa

About the author or the publisher
am a new writer,how try to be poetic to add beauty to article especially essays,i can write on any topic

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