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Julian, Julian, Julian

those trees once shaded on my soul from the harshness of the burning sun light

My heart is loosing it's rhythm it's beat, I am been eaten by the love, I am loosing my soul, my soul that fed on your touch, my soul that is slipping between my splitted heart out threw my chest out my soul goes shipping to the unknown taking my last
Breath out in the darkness that kept me lost until I regain you my beautiful bond.

Our bond, my bond, our bond that broke like a steel bar holding our pillars that built them by our love, life broke our one united bond into two halfs that cant be unite forever we tried, I lost the only love that I fond, the love that bonded me and now I am lost in the darkness of my dark, wind now I see in my life with out you my bond, life is cruel I go threw storms the attack attacking my heart and mind lost my source of calmness till the end of life. I searched beyond the seas, up the mountains beyond the dawn mist now I can feel the weight pulling me down to the inner deep of the earth's ground. Seas of love, greeny mountains, trees going up high touching the clouds in our clear blue sky, those trees once shaded on my soul from the harshness of the burning sun light. My lost soul faded with the first storm vanished with the sun setting on what I have lost. The storm that separated me from my only bond we were two elements that rebelled now we can't be stabilized.

I am the lost soul beyond the darkness of those sand dunes been broken down by the winds might believe it or not you are the win said you are lost in the desert for ever you cant go back to the green to the trees to the rivers that flowed upon your request, your body fooled you it rested steeling your weak soul to the dark dream land that stole your mind clouded the last bite of light that was your only chance to regain your soul to the other side of the dead dark side. Your animal desire grew that it took over your weak soul you became a speedy train with no driver to pull it back from moving madly to meet it's blocked end of it's track. A wild desires that ate you up like a lion weaken by age and it was time for it to pay its respect to how nature works, a time to eat, a time to be eaten this is life.

Forgive me my bond forgive me and believe me I didn’t mean to blow our bonded souls, it is my fault, it is my foolish weak desire that ate me up inside out. I was halted, I was a careless hopeless beast set on the road to meet its fate. The wind blows up hard and replies with might you forgiveness will be granted only when you suffer deep inside you must feel the rusty knife you used slowly to hurt your loved one. Taste a bite drink from the same glasses once offered to your only loved one. Your soul will be lost nights days ages between storms deserted lands of hate, blackness of the night will be your only shelter till your soul lifts up and learn your mistake deep inside, you will win your soul at the time but you can never ever find your way to your lost bond.
Published: 2008-02-22
Author: nasr amer

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