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Juxtaposing human nature

There are times when life seems overburdened & pain surpasses the joys & comforts of life. In utter distress & bewilderment you hope, the mother earth would swallow you, you magnify your weeny & flimsy miseries and woes & attribute them to justify contempt and distaste towards life. When your endurance abandons you, you conceive the idea life has nothing to offer but pain & sorrow. And then, in a jiffy you come across an exhilarating news, at that ecstatic moment, all of a sudden you realize that life is so much giving & that you were being unnecessarily perverse; the pain, the rush of feelings, the hot tears, all that you confronted was futile & non-existent. Now, you vow, that head on, you will accept ups & downs with same heart and optimism. But, the next time you are distressed, you curse your destiny & time and again, you doubt the veracity of lifes philosophy & in every cloud of gloom keep saying, WHY ME? forgetting the very fact…that you never asked the same question when you were on cloud nine and yet another fact, Every cloud has a silver shining. This juxtaposing human nature is beyond mans conquer.
Published: 2006-06-07
Author: Apurva Dhiman

About the author or the publisher
I am a total addict to writing and just believe in sharing all that i know and thats why i am here...

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