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Katrina people

There was a city below the sea
Surrounded by walls of water
Then Katrina came
They no longer protected thee

The city of New Orleans
You could barely see
Almost like Atlantis
It was going beneath the sea

The famous Bourbon St
Has no more dancing
No more Mardi Gras
No parade of people prancing

Things could have been done
Many years ago
To shore up all the levies
Before Katrina blew

Lives to repair
And a city to rebuild
A whole culture of people
Are washed away like silt

Humans are helpless
As the winds of Katrina blows
We are only observers
As Nature often shows

Many years to rebuild
But may never be the same
New Orleans that coastal city
Might become a memory

The earth is always changing
Has done so for billions of years
It does it at it's own pace
You can't plan for what you can't see

Is there any good
To take from this
Among all the pain and agony
We the people are family
When there is tragedy
Published: 2006-07-03
Author: Timothy Davis

About the author or the publisher
My name is Timothy I am a published author of a poetry book called Poems and Lyrics By The Po-Lyricalturtle I write on many subjects somtimes political, spiritual, and many other subjects
I also write lyrics and have had a few collaboration with some promising possibilitys

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