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Keeping the Flame Alive

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Love is one of the most wondrous things that was ever bestowed onto the human race. To love is too breathe. Without it we feel lost and alone, but sometimes with it we feel confused and angry. It takes work to keep those same feelings vibrant in a relationship, especially when it has been ongoing for a long time. Not only one person, but both people must be willing to try new and invigorating ways to stay in love with one another. Why must we work so hard at love, you ask? Because everything in life takes work, it is never simply handed to us. Love is no different. Anyone who loves someone already is aware of this. Though you can still care for a person, you might not be infatuated with them in the same way you were when you first met. But you can be.

I've been married for 16 years now and there have been times where it has been an uphill battle. But one thing I do know, we have never stopped loving one another. The main problem my marriage, and possibly many others have faced is, the misconceptions found in communication. Words hurt. In fact, many marriages have ended over simple words being said, often in the heat of anger. Once you say something you can not take it back, no matter how badly you want too. But you can work hard to overcome it and keep the love you've shared alive.

Love will undoubtedly rule out the bad aspects of a relationship, normally anyway. There are times where the road ends no matter how hard a person try's. When this happens it is in both people's best interest to let go and move on, no matter how saddening it is to do so.

However, there are a lot of things you can do to bring romance back in bloom, even when you have been having many rough patches. There are no tricks to this, just honest dedication to one another and open heartedness is all it takes. Lets say you've both been having a hard time at work the past month and the act of really being there for one another has gone sour. You can change it by just adjusting yourself to realizing what has been going on and resetting a new pattern. The mood is all it takes. A moment of quietness, a look in the eyes, a small smile here and there, a light kiss, a simple hug. You'd be surprised where you will be headed if more of the smaller things took place inside of a relationship instead of worrying about who did the laundry last, or who is going to wash the dishes.

If we only give each other a little time, patience, and more understanding in our relationships, perhaps there would be far better outcomes than what there are right now. So remember, these simple steps and focus on them when times are shaky are you simply feel a little befuzzled and overwhelmed.

L~ Learn to love yourself before you can pass this emotion on to someone else. Once you love yourself you will have a strong relationship with another person.

O~ Don't play the overt and shy woman or man. Communicate efficiently and let your feelings be known at all times. If they stay hidden then hindrances will occur, and will have an effect on the attempt of keeping the love flourishing in your lives.

V~ Value each other fully. Never go a day without saying something positive about one another. One simple word can bring a refreshing air to a marriage or a significant relationship.

E~ Every thought counts. Share your thoughts with one another. Open your minds to your passions and entrust them with each other. Invigorating thoughts can lead the pathway to new and exciting ideas in love!
Published: 2006-04-13
Author: Misty Keith

About the author or the publisher
Misty Keith is a wife and mother of three. She has been published in many venues on the web, as well as one print publication. Currently she works for clients, assisting them with academic papers of all genres. She can write in non-fiction, fiction, horror, romance, inspirational, motivational; basically all creative styles are a familiarity for her. Creativity and Inspirational are her favorite styles.

Misty Keith

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