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Keeping your Heart Healthy!!!!

healthy heart,care for your heart

Heart is the most important organ of our body,stopping of which means DEATH.Here are few tips to keep Heart Healthy:

*Avoid smoking,since smoking is highly injurious to Heart.

*Engage in regular exercise to maintain your Cardiovascular fitness.

*Reduce weight since excessive weight can put more load on your Heart.

*Keep your Blood Pressure and Blood sugar under control,since both Hypertension and Diabetes damage your Heart.

*Reduce intake of salt since excessive intake of salts leads to hypertension and also creates deposits along the inner lining of the arteries leading to Coronary Artery Disease.

*Avoid Fatty foods high in Saturated fats since they cause high LDL levels(bad cholesterol).This LDL causes plaque build up in arteries leading to Artherosclerosis and subsequent Heart damage.Foods high in Trans Fat(Hydrogenated vegetable oil)like sweets,biscuits,pastries,etc shud be avoided.

*Alcohol taken in moderate quantities have shown cardioprotective benefits.Wine consumed in moderation has shown to improve HDL levels(good cholesterol).Excessive alcohol consumption leads to Hypertension besides so many other health problems.

*Daily consumption of good sources of Minerals like Potassium,Magnesium and calcium like broccoli,dark leafy vegetables,Bananas,orange juice,Potatoes,whole grains,Almonds,Peanuts,Raisins,Tomatoes,Dairy products is useful since Deficiency of these three minerals has been linked to Hypertension.Magnesium is also required for regulation of Heartbeat and proper functioning of Cardiac muscles.One can also take Multimineral supplements to provide these.

*Taking a daily pill containing Homocystiene lowering vitamins like B vitamins and Folic Acid also helps in preventing heart disease.Antioxidants like Vitamin A,C,E,Selenium,Beta-Carotene and other Carotenoids,Flavanoids also help in preventing early onset of Heart disease.

*Daily consumption of plenty of dietary Fiber is also helpful since it helps in controlling Diabetes and Hypertension.Wheatgrass taken as juice or in powdered form also helps since it also helps in combating Diabetes and Hypertension.

*Garlic taken in raw form or in pill form helps in lowering Blood pressure and also makes the blood thinner,improves blood circulation and reduces Total cholestrol.Ginseng also lowers LDL and Triglycerides

*Omega 3 Fatty Acids are probably known supplements for your Heart.They Help in clearing the clogged Arteries and also keep the Arteries and other blood vessels strong and flexible.Fishes like Mackerel,Sardines,Tuna,Salmon,etc are good sources of Omega-3,one can also get it in supplement form.Another supplement,Co-Enzyme Q 10 is also useful for Heart.

*Aspirin or acetylsalicylic Acid taken on every alternate days has also shown to help prevent Heart Disease.

*Stess is another factor that can adversely affect heart.Practising of Yoga,meditation and Pranayama is very useful in combating stess.Pranayama also strenghtens cardiovascular system,besides improving Blood circulation and lowering Blood pressure.

*Ayurvedic Medicines like Prabhakar Ras,Arjunarista,Jawahar Mohra and Brihatvatchintamani are useful in Heart Disease.

Modern Medicines like Statins,Nicotinic Acid significantly lower Blood Cholestrol level thus helping Heart Disease associated with Hyperlipidemea.Also many Licensed Herbal Medicines are available in India which have shown excellent Cardioprotective results.

*Kitchen Remedy for Strengthening Heart-1)Take equal proportions of Dry Ginger and Fenugreek Seeds and grind them together into powder-take 1 teaspoon of this powder every morning on empty stomach.2)Mix Ginger and Betel and Tulsi(Holy Basil) leaf juice and take one Teaspoon daily.

*Finally Mental Peace and Happiness goes a long way in keeping your Heart healthy.
Published: 2007-11-17
Author: Dr Virashri Rivonkar

About the author or the publisher
I m an Ayurvedic physician with descent knowledge of Modern Medicine,Yoga,Alternative medicine,Herbal medicine.

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