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Keno refers to a game of gambling, which is often played at the modern casinos. This game of gambling has a lot of similarities with lottery as well as with the game of bingo. The game of keno is very exciting and entertaining at the same time. It is a popular casino game that most of the casino lovers prefer to play. The game is found at most of the casinos around the world. It is one of the most common types of casino games played in almost all casinos. Playing Keno game is very easy, however luck and chances can be a determining factor in this game. This game has an Asian origin, but at present, it has become one of the most well known and much loved casino games around the world. Those who have played this casino game have enjoyed it thoroughly.


Keno is a well known casino game that is more similar to lottery as well as the game of bingo. In this game, number balls are kept in a glass enclosure. A ticket containing those numbers is given to each player and the player ticks those numbers which he or she wants to choose. After that a ball draw takes place and if the number ticked matches with the ball drawn, the player wins points or even jackpot. The best part of this game is that, everyone who can match at least some numbers will win something in this game.

In a traditional game of live casino keno, a circular glass enclosure is used while gaming. This enclosure is known as “Bubble”. This bubble contains 80 ping pong balls, which are used to determine a ball draw result. Each of those 80 balls look quite similar to the ping pong ball comes with a number imprinted on them. The number ranges from one to 80. At the time, when the ball is drawn, a blower pushes pressure of air in to the bubble and mixes the balls. A caller then presses a lever that opens a tube. The V-shaped tube is known as “rabbit ear”. The balls one at a time gets lifted into the tube named rabbit ear. After each of the 20 Balls is drawn, the caller and verifier record the numbers. After that, all wagers are calculated on the basis of number drawn using a computerized system. This computerized system is known as computerized keno system.

In the game of keno, each player can wager by marking an “X” over the spot choices given on a blank Keno ticket. The blank Keno tickets have 80 numbered selection boxes on them. The numbers on the boxes too range from 1 to 80. So, when a player crosses the numbers that he or she chooses, they wager against the balls bearing the mentioned number. Once all the players playing this game place the wagers successfully on the tickets, the casino game named keno draws 20 balls from the 80 balls in the bubble at random. There are a number of casinos that automatically call the ball draw after a certain interval of time irrespective of whether any player is waiting to place their wagers or not. However, most of the casinos wait for the players to place their wagers before starting the ball draw.

In the game of keno, each casino has its own series of choices of pay scales. The series is known as pay tables. The players in this game are paid on the basis of the matches. How many of the numbers drawn matches the numbers on the ticket determine the payment. The pay table selected with regard to the wager amount also plays a determining role in calculating the amount to be paid. There is a wide array of pay tables in Keno offered by the casinos. The pay tables also vary hugely from casinos to casinos.

A large deviation in the house edge is also set for each of these pay tables. Apart from this each of the casinos also offer a number of different pay tables as well as specialty keno bets. The customers can choose their pay table according to their wishes. Each of these pay tables also have its own house edges too.

The pay tables of keno in two casinos can never be identical. In Reno and Las Vegas, some casinos offer as many as 20 to 30 pay tables. The players can choose from any of these pay tables and bet for keno. The house edges that are linked with each of the pay tables can range from less than 4% to 66%. For non-slot casino games, the house edge ranges from 0-5%.

History of Keno:

The popular casino game keno has a very interesting history. The game of keno has an Asian origin. The game was originated in China during the Han Dynasty. The game thus was originated in ancient china between 209 and 187 B.C. Thus the game of keno is more than 2000 years old. The Chinese immigrants introduced this game in the United States in the 19th century. Being a popular game that has a large and vivid history of more than 2000 years the game of keno has undergone a sea change. The game was played with mechanical blowers only after it was introduced in the US and gained popularity as a casino game.

Like the game, the name keno also has an interesting history. According to the experts the name has its origin in French or Latin language. There is a controversy among the game historians about the origin of the name. According to some, the name keno is derived from French term quine that means five winning numbers. While the others say that the term is obtained from Latin word quini, which means five each. However, though there is a controversy between the game historians regarding the origin of the name, they are sanguine that the game was originated in ancient china and is over 2000 years old.
There are many legends associated with this game of keno. According to a popular legend the invention of the game saved an ancient city. According to another legend, the popularity of the game was so huge that this game was played regularly to raise fund for building the Great Wall of China. It is also said that in earlier days the result of keno games held in big cities were sent to nearly villages and hamlets with the help of carrier pigeons.

Later when a number of Chinese people sailed across the Pacific Ocean to reach America and to work in the railroads, they brought this game to the west. After that the game got a huge popularity in the western side of the globe as well.
After the keno player can match his or her ticked numbers with the numbers on the balls drawn in keno games, he or she has to rush to the keno booth to claim his or her money. Earlier, there were a lot of complications, if a person took the winning ticket to the counter late. But, at present, most of the well known casinos across the world come with late pay counters where a winning ticket holder can show his or her ticket and claim the money he or she won from the game of keno.
In the modern keno, the game is played in a keno both. There are four devices for a ball draw. It can be a traditional rabbit year blower, AKV or automated blowers in which the balls are encoded and read by a computer, a random number generator and a hand cage.

At present, a number of variations of Keno are being played as well. There are lottery versions of Keno as well as bingo version of Keno. Also, the number of balls used in keno also varies far and wide. However, the traditional game of keno is the most popular keno game at present. The popularity of this game is sure to increase in near future.


The probability to match all the 20 of the 20 numbers in a game of keno is very less. According to some, the probability to do so is one in a quintillion. Some also think that it is virtually impossible to hit the 20 numbers on a 20 spot ticket.


There are a number of strategies to match the most numbers at a game of keno. For this, players need to study the results of a number of games and find out whether there is a relation between the ball draws. As the balls are drawn at random, the strategies may not work in this game. All the numbers in this game have the same possibility to be a winning number. However, a specific strategy can never guarantee a win in this game.

Overall, Keno is a game of pure chance. But, it is also a good way of amusement and excitement.
Published: 2008-12-01
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