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Kenyan Slum Life

creative writing ,short story

Shillenje linked in many cities of that country before he came to the place where he lived currently .The life of this place was unique .It was as if it was planned by the lord God that all the characters who lived and ran the every days lives activities of this place to come and live together and mix and match to make the kind of life that existed at this palace.

The place carried all the characters in life one can think of, you just name it..There were quacks, spiritual healers, fortune tellers, illiegall drugs peddlers and all the rest that man knows on this planet .All this people, put together, made One wonder whether God really existed. They made the wise men and a woman among the population to wonder whether one time there come a solution mans problems on this earth.

The way that they lived and earned their daily bread made the wise doubt if the reality of every thing in life. They couldn’t trust even nature it self. There was Idi, the spiritual healer .He was feared by many for being merciless when executing his duties .He cursed people to die very bad deaths while the whole neighborhood stood witnessing .He did all sorts of evils, just for money. This Mr. Idi was said to be coming from the western parts of Kenya .He behaved as if he owned everyone in this world .He did what he wanted when he wanted.

He had very odd behaviors. Every evening, he used to disappear into the darkness of the night to an unknown place. None of his friends or neighbors knew what special thing made him to disappear in to the darkness every day. Many only believed that his behavior was linked to his work of healing people with the help of spirits. But whether he went to strangle people on the roads for sacrifices or he was a night runner, no one knew. But, rumor from a few good rumormonger said that, he went to various places to plant the charms according to his customers’ desires.

And then, when he came back from where he went at around two or three o’clock in the morning, he came and lit the lamps in his house and then and then the door to the house would remain open the whole night and incense burned in the house till morning while he sat quietly with his legs folded crossed for the remaining part of the night.

Idi was Avery difficult man to understand. First it was very difficult to tell on which side he was because he served everyone in this world and still ate with the chief priest and the other church elders on the same table. And the secondly, it was very hard to tell whether what he was doing was true or false and the for those who had not had a chance to travel widely far from their homes and know what is happening in the outside world had difficulty to know which messages came from God and which ones came from Satan, because, the big people in this world mixed the two sides with a lot of ease.

One time he snatched somebody’s money in the pretence of healing him .He tried all the possible methods to fool him but had not succeeded .One time he killed his customers neighbor in the customers village. They roused all the veil spirits of that land and directed them against their own son and they killed him because they were left without a choice apart from killing him because he had consulted the spiritual healer about what was happening between him and his friend, that one, he did very successfully but his client never healed.

They had then decided to change it to one other innocent son of that land, so that when he used the market with them, he would go back to their home with the burden and then his client would then takes the young mans fortunes in exchange and then have it in stead of him .It was true what the spiritual healer did because the people that he targeted were affected in one way or the other but the client never healed yet the people that he mentioned died very quickly.

So, when his clients, who were well off people mostly started suspecting him that he was lying, he became so scared that he referred them tom the other methods of healing, that is the Christian way .He knew that they were people who could even hire gangsters to kill him but he didn’t have any way of escaping .He had eaten their money and taken their property but he wasn’t in a position to return it to them and so he tried every trick that he knew jus to shade them off himself .He told them that the gods had asked for huge sacrifices ,which some of them were impossible ,the kind of sacrifices that he knew that it wasn’t possible to find the articles that will be needed for them in this world so that they could not demand for the return of their money but on that day, he wasn’t lucky ,because this clients were people who had money but their problems were not psychological or genetic. They kept wondering why when the flowering season of the bean plants every season came, their children had mental problems and after the pollination was over and the fruits were in the early stages of maturing, their children healed slowly and went back to normal.

But this time the doctor was asking for a kangaroo skeleton, the skull of a long extinct reptile called the dinosaur us and a another long extinct reptile called the dragon which are famous in the far eastern parts of this world and the claws of a dinosaur, also a reptile that got extinct from the face of this earth millions of years ago and mar maids from the deep seas. But he wasn’t able to scare them because, this one had money and so they consulted university professors who told them the truth that it wasn’t possible because the animals were already extinct and so it wasn’t possible to get them. So, it wasn’t possible for them to be healed that way

They came back to the doctor after they had inquired from the government how and where they could get all the articles that they were being asked for by the doctor so that he could heal them only to learn that they were things that didn’t even exist in this world and that perhaps he was only asking for those articles just to scare them away so that they gave up everything about the sacrifices and went away for good. When the doctor was asked why or what was happening in the current world was linked to the extinct world many millions of years into their future, he almost ran away but he just linked it to the human beings who existed before us, our fore parents.
Published: 2008-04-24
Author: john ambuli

About the author or the publisher
I'm a Kenyan .I'm thirty nine years old and i read up to the O level in my country and i do freelance news reporting at the Kenya news agency offices in Kericho kenya.

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