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King David: Isreal Terorist and Man of War

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King David fought all his wars due to political, and economic reasons unlike Prophet Muhammed of old. Althogh King David killed the Goliath that was not the end of Isreal’s battle with the Philistines. Isreal continue to fight her enemies since from the days of Joshua to this day. King David enforced Judiasm in Isreal in which God’s Kingdom was introduced as a military regime. Prophet Muhammed fought and installed Islam and ruled as a king in whose regime the Islamic laws were put into force being the very King David of old.

During the time of King Saul, King David was engaged in terrorist activities while hiding in the wilderness. King David and his terrorist group were wandering from one wilderness to another hiding in caves like Prophet Muhammed and his terrorist group in the wilderness of Saudi Arabia before he reigns.

Life was very difficult to David and his men. They could not go to their people and demand for food and clothings; any body found associating with David or giving him shelter was killed. Due to hunger and starvation, David went to Priest Abimelech and demanded for food and there was none except the Bread of Presence which is only to be eaten by the priests but David pleaded and was given to him and the news went to King Saul who went to the Tabanacle of the Lord and demanded for David but already David had excaped as a result he killed all the Priests of the Lord except Priest Abiathar who escaped and ran to David.

David also married Abigal through this process of demanding for something him and his men could eat because Nabal the Husaband of Abigal was killing some of his cattles for merry making but refused and abused David instead and he was very angry. David and his men did not touch any of his cattles and were even protecting them as well when they were in the wilderness.

David was on his way to kill and invade his house hold and will carry as many he could and retun to the wildederness . Abigal was told who now carried lot of food items and waged David on the way and pleaded for forgiveness on the behalf of her husband and told David to remember her when he will become a king and David accepted her apology and then collected all the items and retuned to the wilderness. Then the Lord smote Nabal with sickness and he died then David sent for her and she bacame his wife.(1 Samuel chapter 25)

Since David could not reach out to his people for supplies of food and clothings to him and his men, He stared attacking the neighnouring Phlistines town and other villages secretly by killing all of them including women so that no person escape to tell the king of the Philistines when even King Saul his key enemy is not aware. These were the people that provided him with shelter and gave him a land called Ziglag whose lands and people he was invading as a terrorist.(1 samuel chapter 22 )

Then he and his men carried foods, clothings including money for their survival in the wilderness just as what they did when they fough Ziglag. This he had been doing for some time before the death of King Saul and later became the king of Judah and later Isreal. Therefore when he was anointed as King David of Isreal fear griped all the philistines and neigbouring nations whom he and his men were terrorising while they were in the wilderness. At this point, King David and Prophet Muhammed were both engage in terorist activities before they ruled.

Therefore King David was not a religious terrorist but was engaged in the act due economic reasons while he was in the wilderness. The reason is that he was not fighting the people of Isreal to practise Judiasm until when he ruled as a king and was not of a political reason for the fact that he was not fighting to overthrown the government of Isreal from King Saul hand even when he met King Saul sleeping in the cave with his men and cut off the hem of his garment and would have killed him but regreated to cut off his garment for the fear that he was the Lord's anointed.

As for Prophet Muhammed was of a religious, economic and political nature for the fact that it was like a religious rebel group fighting his own people in order to subject them to Islam and then ruled as a king and from there spread to other parts of the middle east regions all for religious purposes while David was of solely on economic reasons by fighting the Philistines and others and not his own people.

For more details on Prophet Muhammed case, read my articles on "THE ORIGIN OF ISLAMIC JIHAD AND ITS SIGNIFICANE"

As soon as King David was enthroned, was no longer a terorist because was now legally empowered to defend Isreal against any nation that comes up to attact her just as King Saul did even when David fought the Goliath.

Published: 2006-10-05
Author: Goodnews Adolphus

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Goodnews Adolphus is the Pricipal Consultant of G. Delcan Interantional Services, a Christain religious Writer, a Diploma holder in International Trade and Finance and full member of the Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria

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