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Kirpal Sagar: Occean of Grace

kirpal sagar,manav ekta

All over the world, violence and hatred dominate and there is urgent call for peace and unity. The doctrine of inequality of man and races is nevertheless preached and practiced. But a change can only come about if man is ready to change itself. Man is a conscious entity, being of the same essence as God. Unity of Man refers to the inner unity of all life. The same Power that created and sustains the whole universe sustains each one of us and is revealed in the human body in form of light and sound. This is the common link among all human beings. To know that “Power is the purpose of human life”. The basic principle of everybody is:
Be Good means to embody qualities such as non-violence and love for all being and to weed out weakness and imperfections such as egotism and narrow mindedness. Do Good means that a true human not only lives for himself but also for others. Be One means to realize the unity of the soul with the God power and thus the unity of all life and to live accordingly to this highest consciousness. This practically experienced and lived spiritually had been at the onset of all religions and is the origin of all ethical values- a strong foundation of Unity of Mankind.
On His last Punjab-tour in October 1973, Sant Kirpal Singh visited the agriculture farm located in rural Punjab near Rahon, district Nawanshahar. There was one room made of mud and one pucca-room (room made of bricks) beside a little room for the water-pump. He stayed there nearly for fifteen minutes and took water from the water-pump and a grain of rice. Then He blessed Kirpal Sagar which now has been built beside the farm.
Kirpal Sagar located in north India is a common ground for all people to get together, irrespective of caste, colour, creed, religion or country. It belongs to all human beings of the world. In Kirpal Sagar no particular religion but the essence of all religions is taught, which is one and the same and has been written with one opinion. To keep the various outer rituals and rites of the different religions with their basic signification is no bar to true religion. Every religion teaches the universal link among all human beings – the brotherhood of men under the fatherhood of God. Religion is a very smooth pattern and a way to realize one's self, if one rises above the shackles of the religion.
The heart of the project is an oval-shaped Sarovar-Holy Tank (oval shaped pool) surrounded by our corner buildings. The building in its centre (Sachkhand Bhawan) bear four symbols for all the religions – a gurdwara, a temple, a church, and a mosque demonstrating the basic necessity to understand that God made man and man made religion. Around the basin four corner-buildings give room for the Holy Scriptures and specific attributes of the respective religions. True religion tells all to get together under one canopy to remember God.
Their shapes refer to the human body. Temples and gurdwaras are dome shaped similar to the head of man and the curvature of the mosque corresponds to the shape of the forehead. Churches have towers wit nose shaped contours and often the ground plan is cross shaped, just as a man with outstretched arms. The symbols show that all religions are respected here, yet man body is the true temple of God. The connection between man and the Almighty is the base of the Unity-of-Mankind- the Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God.
Godpower reveals itself in man as light and sound. In scriptures the light and sound current is called Naam, Shabd, Word or Kalma. In East and West in all places of worship, we find candles, oil lamps etc which remind us of the inner light and we find sounds of bells, gong, conch and others reminding us of the inner sound. These are the two aspects of the Godpower manifesting in man. These are the inner experiences the spiritual leaders of mankind had made at their time and could give also to others, which is still possible. Holy Scriptures such as Guru Granth Sahib of the Sikhs, the Ramayana of the Hindus, Bible and Koran of Christians and Muslim are placed in the corner buildings of the Sarovar and recited accordingly during celebrations
On December 10, 2007, the symbols on the roof of the sarovar building- Sachkhand Bhawan- will be revealed to the world in the course of World Conference. At the same time, Kirpal Sagar will celebrate its 25th foundation day and the 75th birth anniversary of Dr. Harbhajan Singh. Kirpal Sagar has been built according to the instruction of HH Sant Kirpal Singh by Dr Harbhajan Singh and it is now under the dynamic and energetic leadership of his wife Biji Sardarani Surinder Kaur
No one can be said to have been born for himself alone, for no one can be an island unto himself. To serve the needy, sick, and starving is also an important aspect, more effective than mere preaching. "Service before self" stirs and kindles embers of sympathy, kindness, and love. These virtues have a great purifying effect, and clean a person of all his dross, and entitle him to the highest knowledge of Divinity. The man who earns and spends in the world dies and comes again and again in the world, whereas Master did ever live for others and served others and helped all others to serve God, as there is only one way to release from the bondage of the mind and matter: to serve beyond mind and matter, means the effect of mind and matter may not arrest your attention in the world. Where your attention is, there you must go. Master's work serves the soul to transcend through learning and yearning. The selfless service further brings devotion and detachment in the disciple.
The place which Master has chosen for Kirpal Sagar has also a background which first was not known. When the construction work started, people from the surroundings came and one of them told that an old person, named Chattar Singh and considered to be mad, had been living there. To that place the cows were taken for grazing, and he used to sit along with the boys there. He never would return to his home, he stayed overnight in the forest, which was full of snakes. There was also a certain animal which always attacks man. It is not injurious, but its teeth are very sharp. One time, when taking rest, he was bitten by this animal and his nose was bleeding. Those boys wanted to take him to the doctor nearby for dressing the wound, but he said, "No, there is a hospital, I have got it dressed over there." Sometimes the boys used to say, "Old man, you are smelling, you should take a bath." He would reply, "Yes, here is a Sarovar, a holy tank, I'm always taking a bath there." When they offered him to share their food, he answered, "No, there is a big common kitchen here, I always take the food from here." All the time he used to tell such things, and he even said, "There is a big temple, a house of God." So all people called him a mad person, who is seeing things where other people don't see anything. Now those persons from the neighborhood believe that he was a holy man.
Kirpal Sagar is neither being built in the memory of the Master, nor is it a personal wish. It was the wish of the Master which is being fulfilled by all devoted disciples of the Master. Moreover, who learns and yearns or who wants to learn and yearn can also work in Kirpal Sagar, as it is the work of God, done by man but inspired by God. This is the highest and the rarest chance that ever comes in the life of a human being.

Figure 1Sarovar

Figure 2 Kirpal Sagar

Kirpal Sagar - Ocean of Grace
Dr Gursharan Singh Kainth is Director GAD Institute of Development Studies, 14-Preet Avenue, Majitha Road, PO Naushera, Amritsar-143 008
Published: 2008-01-01
Author: Dr Gursharan Singh Kainth

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