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Know your partner before committing

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Rushing into wedlock is a reckless thing to do as you need to know your partner before you decide to commit yourself.

In certain communities where dating was not in the scene , arranged marriages were more of a norm. Here, as there was no way of knowing the person you were going to marry, a thorough research is done by the interested parties. Depending on various factors like background, culture , beliefs , religion , financial status, values etc. a matrimonial match was then arranged. The marriage was usually successful as the couple belonged to similar backgrounds and did not have to make major adjustments.

Today, with numerous dating sites mushrooming on the Internet, finding a date has become easier and people are rushing into wedlock recklessly without properly knowing the person they are marrying .

They are then shocked and surprised to discover that his/her partner is not what they had asked for. This leads to a feeling of entrapment and bitter divorces. As families were not involved, it becomes more difficult as there is no one to counsel them or help solve difficult situations and give advice and support.

The sensible thing to do would be to involve family and friends to make major decision of their life.

Published: 2006-07-28
Author: Kalpana Singh

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