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KUM, a Story

Going to Europe America after adopting such illegal measures

I got visa of Iran for going to Europe and arrived Iran by road.01-09-2000. As I reached there I started searching for such people who would take me to Turkey without visa. After searching a lot I found an Iranian agent in hotel’s room who demanded (600) six hundred (us dollar) after bargaining my deal was made and he promised me to take me within two days. His name was Ahmad. After two days he took me from Tehran by bus to Turkey nearest Iran’s city “KUM”. Beside me, two other Afghani boys were also with me in bus who also wanted like me for going Europe. Wherever check post came they concealed us on the place where luggage was placed under the bus.

When we arrived in KUM they brought us in a house that’s was near to hills. I stepped in a room where more four Afghanis and three Pakistani were already there. The room was in a bad condition. One cloth sheet was laid on floor and we were not allowed to go outside the room .They promised to take us to Turkey when circumstances would be suitable. They gave us food one time in a day. We had some biscuits with us that’s we ate. On the third day they brought weapons with them in room and said “Whatever you kept with you gave to us otherwise put u death”. Everyone gave away. They searched out us by themselves and after giving us our passports they locked us in a room and went away. After about 14, 15 hours in a mid night they came for taking us to Turkey. They climbed over the hill for time being walked out there. They equipped with weapons.

When sun was going to rise they said to us to go downwards on the other side of the hill and not moved back. We were all frightened. It was so cold. It was a populated area. Dogs barked out to see us. We hide in fields and waited for Iranian agent. After waiting a lot me and another Pakistani started walking on the road. Now sun has risen completely. We saw an International Truck Terminal. We entered in a small restaurant .We narrated our story to people they served us with cold drinks and asked for sitting. After two hours some people of Truck Terminal gave us some amount and left us in KUM bus terminal. From Kum city we went to Tabriz by bus and than from Tabriz to Tehran. Through the journey we were with the empty stomach. After reaching in Tehran I and other Pakistani. Both of us returned to my same hotel in Tehran from where I started my worse journey. We told the entire story to people they said many people used to come there daily. You should not go out for such travel. Said to them to give us a room we will give amount after bringing from our home so they gave to us a room. There were many Pakistani in hotel some wanted to go Europe and other worked to take them to Europe.I did not want to come back home in such way I was so upset every thing was gone after some days the same Irani agent came again in hotel we gripped him firmly and made a noise. The people in hotel asked us to take him in room. we searched out his pockets but did not find any thing except some little bit Iranian currency I take out from him. After some time Iranian Police arrived and arrester both of us. On the other day they took us in a court but due to unavailability of judge they again took us to police station. On the third day they presented us before Judge. Judge arranged a translator for us and we told whole story. Judge released us no time and Iranian agent remain under police custody the people were in pitiable condition in Iran police station when I returned to hotel I was feeling comfortable because my accused was in jail. So I wanted to go back Pakistan immediately .I had pass port with me but while entering in Iran border security guard gave me a paper which I had to return but I missed that paper in my bag. So people said to me that Iranian” security would tease you. In that fix condition I went to Mashhad and than Zahdan. A driver took from me 1000 Taman and helped me to cross the border and I reached in Pakistan. Thanks to Allah. From this story I appeal to people not to strive for going to Europe America after adopting such illegal measures. It is so dangerous one can lose his life.

Ahsan Mateen Malik
Dewan Daffodils High School
Buxhsupura Outside Faisal Gate
Gujrat,50700 Pakistan.
Published: 2009-11-09
Author: Ahsan Mateen Malik

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M A Ecnomics 39 years old man.etc

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