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Let us end our long sleep.....(topic)

Mumbai Blasts have blasted every Indian's heart!

One wonders what is the government's answer to this dastardly crime, in which many innocent lives were lost, including women and children.

If the government is sure that terrorist groups operating from Pakistani soil are responsible, it should undertake severe air strikes on their camps and destroy them. Secret services may also be directed to smash their network inside that country, covertly or overtly.

Everyone knows, that, that will not put a full stop to terrorist acts completely. But the criminals must be made to shed blood for their acts and shown the limit of patience. In Tamil there is a saying that "sadhu mirandal kadu thangadhu" meaning that if a peaceful sage gets angry, the whole forest will not be able to withstand his fury! But alas, the Indian government does not seem to have slightest iota of anger!

It is relevant to consider other nations' retaliatory posture in similar situations. Recently, Putin ordered the elimination of those responsible for the killing of Russians in Iraq, by the Russian special forces,who had earlier been kidnapped. Now-a-days, we see the aggressive Israeli reprisals, inside Lebanon, in retaliation for the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah,which operates from Lebanon.

Is number '2' (Israeli soldiers) greater than 180 or so (Mumbai people), in the Indian Governments arithmetic?!

One is tempted to ponder over the possible US and Israeli responses, if they were attacked in the scale of Mumbai Blasts. Israel would have nuked the country,responsible for the blasts!

The only response from the Indian Government was the postponement of Secretary level talks between Indian and Pakistan.What a severe retaliation!!

It is interesting to think as to what would have been the government's response and retaliation, if Mrs. Indira Gandhi, was sitting in the Prime Minister's saddle, at present! At least, children in the border areas would have seen many Indian Air Force Planes,zooming past, over their heads, thunderously !

One doesn't need a government for name sake, which is inactive and slow, when its innocent people are made to shed blood, from across a nation suffering from inferiority complex! Is the government realising that it is absolutely necessary to show our strength and superiority, at appropriate times, to earn respect mixed with fear, from inferior nations. If terrorists are allowed to go scot free with their heinous crimes, even Maldives will be prompted to start training camps for criminals against India! If there be no retaliation, Terrorist acts will continue and in increased magnitudes!

Elements jealous of fast development of India in all fields are trying to damage the country's reputation. The blasts, did not result in any communal clash, as well, against the expectation of the terrorists.

Retrospectively, one feels that blasts of such a magnitude could not have been possible, without the local people's help, as well. Here comes the demolition of Babri Masjid!

If Pakistan's congenital and malignant disease is fomenting trouble and instigating insurgency in Kashmir and if possible throughout the country, Masjid demolition manured that country's nefarious designs! It is obvious,if masjid demolition had not taken place, such a large scale spreading of ISI tentacles inside the nation, recruitment of desperate Muslim youths, consequent violent acts would not have been possible, as we witness today.

The division among people on communal lines became acute in the aftermath of the Masjid Demolition and is only getting aggravated by people like Narendra Modi of Gujarat.

I have heard Muslims uttering " It is always better to live with our folk (in Muslim area)". Before that black December day, such talks were not there.

That monumental blunder will remain for long in the hearts of Muslims of the nation. An amicable solution should be found for the Babri Masjid issue to the satisfaction of both the communities. Parties and movements which thrive on raking up such religious issues should be isolated once and for all. The leaders of such parties and movements do not care for the common man. Because they are in bullet proof cabins making the common man fight in streets and spill blood,in the name of religion, with the motive of capturing power.

Then only terrorists and their mentors abroad will find their weapons rust and will fail in sowing the seeds of hatred and distrust. Consequently, one will see the demise of breeding ground for terrorists.

It is also the responsibility of every Indian to do his best to strengthen the bonds of unity among communities so that foreign designs are defeated!

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Published: 2006-09-03
Author: joseph nelson

About the author or the publisher
I have written articles in our Dept. magazine and also general newspapers, of course, in Tamil the ancient and mother of all the Dravidian(South Indian) languages. Now I am concentrating to write in English. I am a graduate and working in a Govt.Insurance company. Every body says that my style islucid and interesting. I want to earn money by my writing skills. My long term ambition is to start an English Newspaper in India and make it the No.1 throughout the world.

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