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Life after secondary School

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Life after secondary school can be likened to that of the honey bee [Female] taking a nuptial flight from its colony to form another one where it will be the queen. Imagine the female bee leaving its friends, leaving its neighbours and most important, its family. Taking a nuptial flight from its lovers to face the challenges of life. It is same with man. The nuptial flight for man is same as the graduation ceremony:

  • A graduation from teachers’ whips.

  • A graduation from puerile gossips.

  • A graduation from friendly and fiendish mates.

  • A graduation from PTA meeting palavers.

  • A graduation from inter-house sport competitions.

  • A graduation from being sent home for school fees.

  • A graduation into loneliness!

Life after secondary school is neither sweet nor bitter. It is what you make it. That you are out of secondary school does not show that you are fulfilled. There are greater challenges ahead. Like the female bee, you have your own challenges of life right in your front.

During the secondary school days it is common that one will have an ambition. The question always stands that: “what will you like to do in future?” Perhaps there is hope for you that you will further your education. Then that time of loneliness is the time to make or mar that hope.

Actually, no rational being will willingly mar his or her future. But the styles you apply to the challenges of after-secondary school will determine its being marred or made. You have to utilize the stay-home time for your best. As a boy the major challenge is to seek pleasure. To seek pleasure of wealth, women and joining the band-wagons of the society.

One will find it difficult to stay at home while one’s mates are travelling here and there surfing for money.
One may find it impossible to close one’s eyes when evil girls around are broadcasting their beauties or when one’s mates are happily flirting around.
One may not be able to bear the pressure of joining the boys around. Joining them to play games, stroll about or act as hooligans especially in elections.

In respect to the above, the future is marred if one later breathes behind bars, maybe caught with robbers. The future is marred if one must stay at home to father a coming baby. The future is marred and all hope lost, if per chance one losses one’s life during the devilish activities of the band-wagons.

As a girl the challenges are not also lacking. The challenge is there to travel out maybe from one’s local area to urban places so as to get wide and wild knowledge of life. The challenge is there to fall a victim to the approaches of lascivious men both successful and poor tricky ones. The challenge is there to jump into the entertainment industry. A little dance and much money. Otherwise, in the western world, the urge may be there to lay your hands on stimulants and drugs, i.e. Caffeine, Cannabis, Dildos and Nicotine.

Corresponding to the challenges, the future may get marred if you travel far and wide then you come back to see your mates ahead of you and you lagging behind. One’s life is marred with oneself if one find oneself in a cassava farm, though with a pregnancy, toiling and sweating for daily bread. It will be very bad to be marred, to be impregnated, and one cannot find any man responsible for the pregnancy.

Life is marred, despite gaining money from the entertainment industry, when one becomes useful for nothing. In the entertainment industry, it is pretty sure for girls to become either mild or hard core prostitutes. No staying in the middle. And with the emergence of Sexually transmitted Diseases (STDs) if one’s life got terminated, no hope remains.

Best things to do as a hopeful school leaver are to utilize the lonely times properly, read books that will be, probably, useful for your future career. In this age of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), one should see it worthwhile to learn the usage of the internet. Many admissions, registrations and even payment of school fees are now online based. One should find means of growing along with the positive developments of the world. Cyber cafes are there for one to spend the lonely days.

It should also be in one’s mind that the internet is wide. If you do not know what you are doing, you may end up in dating, sport or games’ websites and nothing fruitful, educationally, will be achieved.

However, in the underdeveloped countries, there are many students sponsoring their education themselves. For these ones the nuptial flight may be into sessions of hard labour and the money earned will be used for their plights. Many due to poverty are not opportune to continue their education(s). One’s future, in this wise, is not marred. One should not fall a victim of the discussed challenges, but one should turn workaholic. There are seminars here and there in cheap prices that can make you a big entrepreneur- with little education. Major thing to do is to be current.

Life, as discussed above, after secondary school is neither sweet nor bitter. It is in your hands; you have your choice to make it or mar it. Your graduation should be a step into positive actions for you to have successful reactions. May God help!

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Published: 2010-05-16
Author: Omotoyinbo Femi

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Growing in God's vineyard. He is also one of the growing outstanding writers and speakers in Africa, mastering major fields of life.

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