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Life and it's Committments

Life, commitments, joy

Whatever we do, whenever we do, we do it for the sake of happiness. We work we earn money, authority, power everything just because we get a sense of happiness and satisfaction from that but much more than that it’s the sense of responsibility that comes with everything we do. It’s the commitment with life that we wake up every morning to go to work even when our body refuses to come out of the bed. It’s the commitment towards our families that people go to far off places to earn bread and butter for them. Everything in life comes with some amount of commitment with it. Businesses work with the commitment that they will provide good service to their customers, a girl gets married to a boy with the commitment that he will take care of her and so do our families, they also runs on commitment. Every area of life if we pick up we will find commitment attached to it in some way or other.

We often don’t include people in our daily lives who does not commit. We like human beings who are trustworthy in professional as well as personal lives. It’s a fair game that when we give our commitment to a person then we also receive equal amount of commitment back from them. It’s like happiness when we spread happiness to others some of it tends to come to us. Always try to be loyal to people around you no matter what; because when you give something to someone you gain that much back but when you try to do something more, than only you will be able to see the real joy. Try and expand yourself then only you will find real happiness. The way to be happy and committed is to think how I can make others happy. Share your joys with the joys of others. Always think what can i do for him rather than what will I get out of it. For the greater happiness and self realization commitment is important because life runs on commitment.
Published: 2007-05-31
Author: Simran Sodhi

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I love to write general interest articles and also articles on real life experiences. I have a vast collection of my own original articles and poems which i am ready to submit for publication. Reading and writing poetry is my passion. I am a student of writers bureau Uk and also a member of writes circle.I love creative work and that is the reason why i love making portarits and love to paint.Amongst my favourite authors i like the work of Norman Vincent Pillai, Dan Brown, Jeffrey Archer,

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