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life goes on

life goes on

As the sun shifts from east to west
Days turn to weeks and weeks turn months.
Time rolls by bringing endless changes.
Like the green leaves clinging on their branches,
Though we try to hold on to some people, and some memories,
But winter comes by, leaving the tree in debris.
I stand here and watch time folding my life ….hiding my past n unfurling the unknown.
Yet there are still stories that are unfinished, wishes unfulfilled and dreams still dreams.
But life goes on.

With the fleeting time birds fly off to new lands,
The wind changes its direction and so does the sands.
Even the earth changes its texture to please the weather‘s demands.
With all the hues in different shades - just within a glimpse away,
The strings that were attached seem to fade and go astray.
No matter how strong the links were once,
The chain is broken when there is no more romance.
It feels like even the last resort is gone,
But life goes on.

Now I stand, a witness to the changes in my life,
Not knowing how long my memory may last.
There were places I longed to visit, and faces I wanted to see,
Still some words remain unsaid, and some tears unshed.
Now I know that what is past is history.
I’ve figured it out that it’s time to move on
As life goes on and waits for none.

The meaning of life is not a mystery, neither any small enigma,
But as each and every being strives at a point in their life,
To find an answer that fits their mind the most
So their souls are secured and nothing is lost.
Every day, every person rises with the rising sun
Hoping that their dreams may come true, maybe today?
I hope too, to find what I may
And take life as it comes, in my own way!!
Published: 2009-05-06
Author: 1abc 2ab

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