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Life is like a river

dont afraid with life because its river . it has end ... and it has piece

If you are going to compare your life with river . it will not wrong. As we know river flows .... flows and continuous flow..... there are so many obstacle , diffuculties come in its ways but they never afraid..they make different path in different situation. think when a stones comes in this way they try to brings it with themself.and when they faces mountain they try to break it and can able to find the place or that time they takes chanse thier path....

Same thing happen with life there are so many obstcle in life but we should not afraid with it because its life . we have to leave . we have end as like river .river has end to ocen . over end is heaven..
i am just graduate person. i am not a very rich person belongs to very lower family i did face in my life so many obstaces from begining ..some times caste problem some times state problem. but it is the way we have to go through it know as i said i am from very poor background i have choosen a management degree . i did study my whole schooling in regional language but here i am facing english i dont how tough it is?? but i am doing hard work i know this is not enogh to learn however doing .3 yr is finished of our graduation .. but i am not able to fluence its not my fault but we have to face .i have faced 35-40 campus interviews but didnt able to get select in any one. thinking some tiomes very bad dream in life . some people is joking on me some people is making fun on me. but i know myself where were I and were am i now .. i know i am taking time but one day i will be with my friend where they will stand or may be i will greater than them....

Main reason to write it that what i am facing here every person faces in his life / what am i feeling now . i am sure every body fells like that then why we should afraid with life .. as i am thining there is end of river as like tha my river life as also end and it will be good but as river we should do hard work on the particular moment ...
i would like to tell you some times comes in my mind that we should do end myself but some times my hearts says its like that its your golden period and you are in the way where is main tough examinationb. if you will then you will get beautiful like
I waana write some more but i am not able to express here but i do promise here i will write more ...

sam kumar

Published: 2007-04-02
Author: santosh kumar

About the author or the publisher
I am a very cool person. i dont know why all things comes to my mind , whatever i geu in mind tr to put on paper thas why i am able to write

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