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Life's Like That

Teacher, student

Life’s Like That

My daughter was supposed to learn the names of five fruits and five vegetables for her examination. She insisted on learning the names of only three, instead of all the five. After much cajoling, she opened up her cards that the rest she would copy from the fruits and vegetable charts displayed in her classroom, near her seat. Her teacher was my colleague, when I told her about it, she had a hearty laugh and said,” I’ am proud of my student for her innovative ideas, she knows how to put her intellect to practical use.”

Life’s Like That

During a teacher parent meeting the teacher was all praise for my son except for his talkativeness. I, myself being a teacher offered her the suggestion to keep on changing his seat because I thought at least he will take some more time, to make new friends and his talkativeness would get curbed automatically. During the next such meeting I hoped that his teacher would thank me, for my valuable suggestion, but she said that my suggestion had backfired because now all the students of her class have become talkative like him.
Published: 2006-07-20
Author: Vineeta Sehgal

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