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Omukambi was a man who believed in his own principle only and never wanted to listen to the rest of the world especially when it came to deciding matters that involved him. He never trusted anyone, even his own wife inside his Own home. When his wife told him anything, he was always left with an inner feeling that she was hiding something from him. He was never satisfied that she told him the whole truth as it is supposed to be told and so he lived a suspicious life. Every time suspecting this world to be cheating him. So in his life, he had the tough task of having to convince those who were in his environment that whatever views he had were the best in this world and that the rest of the people could be cheating just to save themselves from the blame just in case something went wrong. So a very one can imagine how things looked like whenever there arose a discussion that included this Southern. He was not supposed to let this world to run it and go with it. He did everything that he could to run it and these always lead to his losing more than he gained. He lost funds, respect from others and many other things.

So, the gentleman was only lucky to have been employed by a very large vehicle manufacturing company because on the day of his interview he hid his real self just to get the job and he was given the job of security officer. To provide the security services that the spare parts shop needed. He worked with the company for a long time until he became a permanent employee due to the experience he had gained during that time. He became the head of all the other guards and started giving his own report about work in the manager's office so that he started seeing the rest of the staff and those who made the rules of work at the companies shops as fake and as if they were cheating and did not know what was going on about guarding work.. So when they told him that what they were saying was true because the streets were lit from six O'clock every morning to six O'clock in the morning.

It did not look to him like some one could come to steal at a place like where he guarded. He was a good philosopher but he was not also good at doing the easiest thing in this world of being able to guard the shop up to the standards he was expected to

reports has reached into the main office that immediately the last of the company staff at the shop and offices left, He could wait only until their vehicles had disappeared at the corner and then he would go to the nearest pubs to that place to watch football matches on television this time it was the Africa Cup of Nations that was going on in Egypt.

Reports from the main office said that the company had lost some property and there were no clues that could lead them to know how to go about with investigations. There were no broken doors or windows or gates. The things that had disappeared included a new car engine and tires and computers. The truth was that the thieves ceased to come and take these things from the backward of the shops when the gentleman had gone to watch the Nations Cup matches. They pulled the engine and passed it over the walls and they were very careful not to leave any clues behind. They had discovered that the gentleman liked football a lot such that he could not hold himself from going to that place instead of working.

So because no doors were broken, the night guard was left out during the questioning. The manager then approached him privately and asked him if he was saying the truth, he denied saying that he never slept at night. He almost refused that even his eyes blinked and he never went far from his place of work. He refused to listen to the manager and even went as far as blaming him for those things leaving the shop without them knowing. He was sure of himself that the mistake wasn't on his side. The manager had called him to the office together with the rest of the staff and questioned him about the rumours that they picked from those who guarded the neighbouring shops that he went to watch football on television in the evenings instead of sitting at his place of work. He denied it and defended himself bitterly. The whole staff was sacked for being unable to explain the disappearance of a new engine and a full lorry of new tyres.

After surviving the sacking of the entire staff the gentleman was sure of himself than never before that he was a wise man than the rest of this world. The graduates had left him still going on with work, who else could be wiser than them. It was during the quarter finals of Africa Cup of Nations and the gentlemen could not afford to miss any of the matches. He had an abnormal liking for football. So as usual after the last staff vehicle had disappeared around the corner, he sneaked to the pub and sat watching and cheering his favourite teams. He went back to his place of work at three o' clock in the morning. It never came to his mind that some thugs could break a door at such a place, it was well lit and his neighbours were there watching. No one could risk touching anything at a place like that because the neighbouring guards could sound alarm. That is what he had in his mind.

So when he came back from the pub, he didn't even patrol along the veranda and behind the building and check the doors. He went straight for the cartons that he used to spread out on the floor where he kept them and came and made a place and fell into a deep sleep slowly. When he got up, it was already thirty minutes past seven o'clock in the morning. The doors of the shop were wide open. Someone had cut the locks with a hacksaw and had load as much spare parts as his lorry could carry and had driven away. All these had happened without anybody noticing, not even the neighbours.

All these happened without him hearing; he would have sounded the alarm if he would have been at that place when the thieves came. That was enough proof that perhaps he even went back to his house to sleep or went to drink beer or watch football as the rumours had it. He had only a half an hour before the shop was opened and had to decide what to do fast. He called his neighbours and asked them for advice. The advice was that according to how the situation looked like, the police could hold him responsible because it was too late, he could have sounded the alarm during the robbery but if he sounded after they had gone many hours ago, they would hold him responsible and his salary was not enough to pay for what was stolen even if it was combined for a ten year period. And so the best solution was to run before they arrived to open the shop.

He hired a taxi and went and loaded on it all his belongings and family and left for their home in western Kenya. His children left school abruptly and he too left everything that was in his place abruptly and went into hiding in their village.

When the bosses came at eight o' clock, they learnt from the eyewitnesses that they had been watching the Nations Cup Quarter Finals together up to three o'clock in the morning and then they filled the remaining part of the story for themselves that when he came back he fell a sleep and woke up in the morning to find that the shop had been broken into and that is why he had run away without even sounding the alarm.

There was nothing that the senior staff could do except to leave a report at the police station and place an advertisement in the newspapers with a huge reward for anyone who could give them information that would lead to the arrest of the guard and then they went to claim for compensation from their insurance company.

For along time the gentleman had suspected everyone in this world to be lying even his bosses at his place of work. But now, his wisdom had been beaten; the shop had been broken into. He could not understand the simple reason of his work which lead to the robbery.

He disappeared in his tiny village in western Kenya and was never heard of again.
Published: 2008-03-05
Author: john ambuli

About the author or the publisher
I'm a Kenyan .I'm thirty nine years old and i read up to the O level in my country and i do freelance news reporting at the Kenya news agency offices in Kericho kenya.

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