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Little Known Secrets About Web Host!

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Have you ever wondered why your web site is not generating enough traffic and sales? Have you ever looked outward to find out what is going on wrong? Do you feel worried that your web site may die a natural death if urgent steps are not taken to bring your online business from the brinks of death? If you believe you have done your home work and business plan properly about your web site and things aren’t better, then look up to your web host.

Remember hosting will remain the most crucial element in our online business for years to come. It is the most single nagging issue for online profitability. It is akin to building a house in the desert and leaving its faith to the vicissitudes of whirlwind. Web hosting companies can either make or mar your online business and as such we must see them as necessary evils. You cannot just close shop simply because your web host is giving you sleepless nights. All you need is to “dig deeper” into their services and know it “inside out.” It is like a case of the auto mechanics. If they know you have the full knowledge of your auto car and its functions, they are likely not going to bamboozle you with all their techno jargons in order to hoodwink and rip you of your hard earned money for less work or service. There will be no “hidden charges.”

So you need to know the little known secrets of web host and choose your web host profitably. Choosing the right web host company for your internet business will place you in a vantage position to make more money online than you may ever imagine. Therefore, this article has been specifically written to address the many issues of web site hosting. Hosting your web site is so important that knowing 'what services to expect' from your hosting company should not be downplayed. Otherwise, your sales will not be enough to cater for your ever-increasing overheads and ultimately making tidy profits.

As you may be aware, a web host is a company that provides the services of hosting your web server on the internet for the world to see, view, analyze, visit, patronize, etc with respect to what your web site offers in the form of products and services. The inability of majority of surfers, spiders and web crawlers to access your web site's information will mean no sufficient visitors that will convert to leads, sales and then customers. What you are then left with is a "Glorified Web Site" that cannot pay back its investment.
Like the foundation of a house, web host is the foundation of your business. If your web host is down, you are down too. Your business needs 99.9% uptime and 0% downtime to remain in business and be profitable. So, take a checklist of the following to know if you are on track with your online business and your web host.

1.Plan your web site and your online requirements.

2.Check your prospective web host to know if they will be able to meet your requirements.

3.Check to see if you will be able to upgrade from one Price Plan to another as your business grows.

4.Check if there is "bundle pricing" and discount if you do one-stop shopping from your host.

5.Check their set-up fees schedule without hidden charges and their terms and conditions. Be wary with all those small prints-that is where the snags are.

6.Look at their fast connection reliability.

7.Check for their Customer Service and their promptness. Very important.

8.Are they providing free access to their secure server for order processing?

9.Are they offering “Shopping Cart Software” to process orders?

10.Are they providing you with an Online Web Site Manager?

11.Are they providing you with an Online Support Manual?

12.Check if their services are fully data based driven with an easy to use Content Manager. This includes a lot of features like Web Pages availability, Disk Space, Bandwidth and Instant Set Up.

Others include: Domain/FTP features i.e. sub domains, FTP accounts.

I will include here Supported Features: MySQL, CGI, PHP, Perl, Python, SSL, Cron, Frontpage, Curl, GD, Image Magick, Streaming Video and Music, Free Module Installation. For E-mail: Pop3 Accounts, Web mail, E-mail alias, Autoresponders, Mailing List, Catch All, Spam Assassin, Mail Forward, IMAP, SMTP should be considered.

Please don't forget Control Panel Features: Fantastico Hot! Hotlink Protection, IP Deny Manager, Custom Error Pages, Instant PHP Nuke, Instant Chatroom, Instant GuestBook, Instant Counter, Instant FormMail, Redirect URL, Web Based FTP, PW Protected Directories, PHPMyAdmin. See how you can be helped with Web/FTP Statistics: AWStats with real time updates, Webalizer, Raw Log Access, Error Log, Analog. And lastly, the E-commerce Features: Shared SSL, Angora Shopping Cart, Instant osCommerce, Instant Zencart and Cube Cart.

You may not need all of these, but you need to know how you will be supported when the need arises. That way you won't be taken ABACK!

You Will Excel!
Published: 2007-04-21
Author: Oseremen Aigbokhae

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I am a Multi-Disciplinary Business Consultant and Writer. I have a degree in Accounting with an upward of twelve (12) years working experience. My email:

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