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Long Live King and Gandhi

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No! I refuse to believe that martyrs like Martin Luther King are doomed to the cemetery of history simply because their fights do not seem to have brought spectacular change to the cause for which they have been sacrificing themselves .

This logic would have buried God and religions since long. Despite the creator’s timeless apology for more justice and love ,people seem to have been distancing themselves from these values through history to such point that today “The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the poorest 48 nations (i.e. a quarter of the world’s countries) is less than the wealth of the world’s three richest people combined. “(global issues website)

Instead of burying God and religious faith, this ruthless world of ours is paradoxically still producing people who are ready to die for them. Even more so, while the flock is decreasing quantitatively, the quality and depth of its unequivocal dedication is simply astounding!

Acts of solidarity are to the measure of the global nature of our society .The worldwide support to the victims of the S.E Asian Tsunami in 2004 illustrates such planetary unity in adversity.

Even if some might see in it a pure marketing strategy , the most laudable development of corporate social responsibility worldwide is a sign that consideration for the weakest in the community is not a dead concept . Curiously enough ,this is the kind of reflex, religious philosophies and their diehard followers like King and Gandhi have advocated for.

The legacy of King cannot be measured by the situation in U.S ghettos. On the eve of his assassination, the civil rights leader pointed out in his mountain top speech that “we have got some difficult days ahead” before reaching the “promised land”.

He never said things would be easy, but stressed on the need for a man to straighten his back if he did not want others to ride on it. Hence he also called upon personal responsibility.

When he referred to the letter that little girl had written to him to say how happy she was he did not sneeze at the time he was stabbed , as the only one he remembered of among the numerous mail he got when he was recovering from his first attempt to murder , King was surely cautioning us on the importance of paying attention to simple and genuine things in life. Is that what we are doing?

To really weigh the legacy of Kings and other martyrs history seemingly wants to forget ,we need to ask ourselves how the world would look like without them.

Had Martin Luther King not led his non violent protest against segregation and racial injustice would America be what it is today despite its imperfections? Would it not have been blown and ruined by vicious civil war ; if not gnawed by autocratic otherworldly military rule to choke the recriminations of a black minority craving for its basic civil rights?

People like Gandhi, Luther King ,Rabin, SAdate and Bob Kennedy are like inextinguishable beacon lights showing the way in the obscurity of humanity’s obscenity.

Their memory will hopefully be eternally revered , may be not by many, because the contrary would simply mean the whole world is doomed to the cemetery!

Therefore let's commemorate King's and GAndhi's 40th and 60th anniversary with the hope that ,promoted as they should be ,their legacy will help us better cope with the evils of egocentricity and inequity.
Published: 2008-07-02
Author: alain jeannot

About the author or the publisher
Hello ,my name is Alain Jeannot.I am a resitered writer and poet who counts two publications and several press articles.I have travelled extensively for the past 23 years.I have also geared several awareness compaigns against social evils such as drinking and driving.I am married with three kids and enjoying my early forties !

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