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Look 10 Years younger

10 years younger

When walking down the road, if you feel that you have grown old. You are left behind in this world and the youngsters are taking up. You hate to look at the mirror or to go to a youngster’s party. The real clandestine is that, you are not old until you think you are. That sense of hatred or despair makes your looks and your thinking older. There are some easy tips for you to look younger.

First look at the mirror. Hey! You must know how old you have become and find out by yourself what can be done. Think about yourself, your wrinkles that have come up, the problems in your habits, your public relation, your health, your walk, your speech tone; everything but yourself. You can really look 10 years younger.

When finished with your introduction to yourself, I guess you will learn a lot of yourself and you will find yourself in real trouble. Keeping worries in bay, first thing you give up is your worries. Think of times two years back, you will always have regret on things that you have not done two year back isn’t it. So, after two years I don’t want you to have any regret of your past. Do what you always wanted to do and do it now.

Free yourself some time. Manage your home, office and kitchen, place things in correct order so that you can easily find them. Save time and do the do. And remember there are no specific rules for your life, because you know who made the rules. Thus, if a rule is creating problems, change them accordingly.

There are some Dressing secrets to look 10 years younger which may help you look younger than your friends. First, find the right fit. The correct shape of the cloth and the match with your body structure is the must. The best cloth for you does not create pain or make cut in your body. Use light colors, black and dark colors of your dress with show off your wrinkles and harsh skin.

Looking young is not only primal at home, looking young at office it is rejuvenating. Do not try to show off at office, you might attract people but due to disorientation loose your job. Don’t use accessories like bangles or necklaces at office; they make sounds which may be annoying to your partners. Use easy, clean and cheerful colored dresses at office. They retain smile on your face even during unfavorable office work loads.

You might have watched many television series including the famous look 10 years younger by Nathan Barley. This is good to see these, change your lifestyle type of programs. They boost your energy and help you feet in. With a new search for energy and happiness everyday, you will get something either in the internet or in the television. You can also get inspired by your best friends or kids next door. It’s easy to get inspire but hard to follow. Try to do what you wanted to do always and he happy. This way your mind will be free, you will sleep well and loose lots of unhealthy stress that had made you untimely old.

So now, dress up with your hair, get set and go for the dating times once again. Your times are back and with your morals high you can really challenge the youngsters.
Published: 2007-09-26
Author: Tushar Neupaney

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