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Looking for a girlfriend

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People in UK drink and I was drinking a lot when staying in Liverpool and other English cities. I am not going to write much about my adventures now. It takes time. I just want to say something to initialize and to make a little funny this text for you. I could not find a girlfriend. If you want to meet a girl in UK you have to go to a pub, drink a lot and sing songs in Liverpool or dancing in Newcastle. I noticed people in Liverpool like to sing. It is probably because of Beatles city influence.

In Newcastle they prefer dancing and there are a lot of night open clubs very close one to another. Anyway the aim is to find a girl for a night. You have to wait till girls are more or less drank. If they are not you con do nothing you can try to dance with them they will refuse. Sometimes they make a time and visit clubs. They always wear only just not to be naked and does not matter it is cold wind or reining. Polish girls could never understand how it is possible to wear like this in winter. It is probably because when boys are drank can not see them properly. This is why girls wear so colored. Sometimes they dance and do not want boys dance with them. So boys are drinking and watching while staying around. You have to wait when some girls are drunk and choose one for you. Sometimes they do not drink so you drink to be happier and drunken have to go home without girl. Sometimes girls prefer not only dance without boys but also be in a night club in only female company.

In Wales where I worked as a site engineer close to Llanelli I visited a few times different pubs. One evening when I was sitting and drinking slowly Welsh beer I noticed there were rather many girls inside. After a while I noticed there were only girls around me. I have to say I was surprised but happy. Finally I could get something for me as well I thought. I will have a nice beautiful girl and I will stay in this country for good. When I began enjoying the situation I could hardly hear what the disc jokey asked me. It sounded like”What is your name?” “Edward” was my answer. There was a little break after, music stopped playing, and girls stopped dancing turned in my direction and watched me. Somebody probably wanted to be sure that I am not a girl. The name I said was not female. If I had said another my first name it would have been a problem and they probably would have to check me different way. People in England are so nice end they do not want to make something wrong to one another. They are not only nice but they want to be batter than you and this is why they always for example enter “after you”. I will not compare their behavior with some other in some other country I will write about it later. You can do it if you want. Maybe I, who was born and spent many years in pure middle European country (I do not want to say “live” as it was not the same what English people call using the word) I was still far away from this level of culture. So I have to say I did not realize what was going on. After my answer DJ said loudly “We welcome Edward who is sitting in the big corner of our great dancing room” and he had not added “who is a real man not a woman and not a …..”.

DJ was Englishman and from the perspective of time I can understand it and now better. You can analyze things more properly if you do not drink as I did in England. So I was sitting and trying to choose a girl for myself. I wanted to ask another and then everything disappeared like beautiful dream. From the bar they sent to me a women beer instead to let me know that this place is not for me this night. Ooooh fuck! I said. I prepared to f….. a girl and then I could only say many times: Ooooooh……..fuck!!! What I am doing here. I have not known about lesbian clubs in UK but I think girls maybe desire some. There are gays clubs why not try with lesbian. It is funny now so why make it not funnier. And what you think girls about my great idea. Do not be very angry I just love you all very much! Like Russian people say I am “babnik”(man who love girls, ”baba” is a woman). Anyway I think we should not call lesbian girls lesbian. Guy and gay so let it be girl and “gurl” or maybe “gil”. Maybe you can find some suitable to gay. In future they can socialize with gays not with guys. So if would to invite their club I could pretend I am a gay not guy. I appreciate UK is such a modern country. Some people say it is conservative. I would say it was long time ago. For example I am in Kyrgyzstan now and it is very close to Uzbekistan. In Uzbekistan is not allowed to be a gay. If you are a guy better do not visit this country. You can spend three years in prison. What conservatism?

So I could not find a girlfriend in UK and I started to look for Russian girls. Moscow welcomed me coldly with its dark gloomy winter morning. I had maybe stupid impression that it is real picture of the capitol. Gloomy tragically sad faces without any smile like faces people convicted to a death.

They are very serious almost all of the them in Moscow. Especially if you travel by Moscow Metro you can notice this. They have a lot of satirical performers who are doing everything possible to make Russian people smile. I have seen in TV one of their best satirists. He had prepared jokes about Americans and EU. People smile watching the program and afterwards their faces looks again like people transported to the prison. In Russian church their priests are happy as there are now a lot of Russian communists who started believe in God. They ask sometimes their churchgoers if it is better now but the answer is generally NOT.

I wanted to find some accommodation so I decided to take their taxi but I do not advice you to do the same if you will visit Moscow. I had to pay enormous money for it and then for awful gloomy dark room that the driver found me for many the same as I would pay for a hotel in England. Next day I paid 5000 rubles for two policemen who stopped me when I was going to my accommodation after I had drunk one beer nearby. I had lost more money in capitol of Russia and I will write more details next time.

I am not going to write more now as I am looking for magazine or newspaper to work with. I have many interesting and true stories I would like somebody publish but I need money for it as well. So I will write you how I was looking for a girlfriend in Moscow, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Kirgizstan. I will write you about my adventures and what I liked or disliked in these and other countries if you decide to take me on as your reporter. Maybe I will write a book for you. In meanwhile I will still improve my English so it will be more and more interesting. This time I want you to tell what happened in other country and it will be maybe interesting from other point of view. And this is not only about girls. Let us go with this last part of my story for today.

After some time I managed to get a contract in Kazakhstan. Director of company where I was working invited me to a pub in Almaty. It looked like a pub in England. But some people looked strange for me. We found some table but with some young people – girls and boys. There were four of us. Three English guys from our company and me. After two beers we started to socialize a little. We changed information about each other. Somebody said “I am English” then next “I am Russian”. One young man said “I am Jewish”. I said “Maybe I am Jewish too but in country where I was born it was not a good idea to say I am Jewish. You could be sent to Israel as compulsory or you should have to move to other country. In time of Second World War they would have no problems with you. They would sell you to German soldiers and Germans knew what to do next with you.

Even nowadays people in this country afraid to say openly they are Jewish. They have changed their family names. Some people hate Jewish people so I prefer not to tell everything about me even if I am Jewish. Now in the city Zary where I was born they built synagogue as I have found in Internet. Maybe something has changed. We drank our beers listening to an English music when one of my English mates said “I am gay”. I pretended I was not listening to him. Another two English guys (as I expected them not being gays) were older and it was probably the reason they preferred not to talk about themselves. So we were three guys and one gay or maybe I was mistaken. I missed girls. In the night club we drank a lot. “There are two girls dancing. Let us go together and dance with them” I said to the one of English man who as I thought should be normal male. The man was good looking and girls liked him. So we started to dance with beautiful Almaty girls. But I had noticed very soon that my English companion had changed the female partner for male partner. I looked in direction of our table if our Director was watching what was going on. He did not. Oooh fuck ……what Kazakhs will say about us. However I was from England too I could not find more common things with those people accompanied me. Let us see how we can work together? And I had seen it quite soon!

This is only part of funny things I would like to tell you about how it was, where it was and what happened. Now I will show you shortly what happened in Almaty (Kazakhstan) where I was working as Senior Structural Engineer. I noticed very bad quality of construction works. I have found out that there was everything because of fucking giant scale corruption. First of all I I wanted to help them and criticized in my reports their work till that time and compiled a program how to control the quality and avoid giant problems. Savant International Company fired me out after I had sent my report to Capital Partners. I expected CP working as a client will be very grateful but they did not. Savant did not pay me money probably expecting to have a deal with somebody who was afraid to do something what I had done in the next step. First I sent the email to Savant one of directors in Moscow about what happened but he confirmed that he knew everything and agreed with Almaty Director regarding my ……….

Ooooh fuck if I would be gay I would probably work in this company and enjoy a good salary. It was my fault I had a nice girlfriend instead of beautiful boyfriend. I had made mistake. I had no fear about what would happen if I had made these nice guys-gays some problems. Besides I have always considered working honestly more interesting than earning money not honest way. So I have never signed documents to confirm that quality is good if it was not true. If you are normal healthy man you will not find a place for you in corrupted team. In my report I have given them instructions how to work better but they did not want as it is easier take money and confirm that everything has done with the good quality. But this fucking easy way can only kill people when something collapse. We have examples in some countries. And this not only mistake of one man – designer or site manager. This is fucking giant corrupted from the very bottom machine. I decided to address my story to some government services as it was most important construction site in Kazakhstan – Asian Winter Olympic Center. They were probably to busy to answer so I addressed problem to most popular newspaper “Karavan”. By their best reporter was written and published very good article. I attached it to my email to you but this is unfortunately only in Russian language. If you want the English translation you have to ask company Savant in their office in London I know they have made it. After this I had given interview to local TV and I Have given a report to local procurer who phoned and asked me to do it. He had a quite good plan how to find responsible for all what happened on the site people. But corrupted machine was too big. I have seen a big poster somewhere on the street in the city “We are fighting with corruption”.

But they are not.

They stopped everything and there was nothing in TV. My passport was stolen and sold to Savant and after that they managed to cancel my one year visa in Kazakhstan. They phoned to me afterwards to give me back my passport with ticket to London. I felt a little tired and decided to go for a short contract to Kenya. So I left a nice country Kazakhstan. Now I am back but this time in Bishkek not far from Almaty. I would not come back but English Embassy has not given visa to England for my nice girlfriend. I have always dreamed about to write something what people could read and I have written stories to newspapers in country where I was born. But I consider UK as my country and I want to write in this language like Josef Conrad Korzeniowski. I have always wanted to work as reporter for newspaper TV or radio. So I would be very happy if I could work for you. However I am engineer but I think I can do it. I will write you more details not only about my adventures in England, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moscow, Norway, Poland, Germany, Kenya where I have been but also from other countries where I am going to be. I think I can see interesting problems in a special way. What you think. I look forward expecting your answer.

Wieslaw Edward Loboda
Published: 2009-08-06
Author: Wieslaw Edward Loboda

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