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A new kind of electronic lottery game has been introduced in Kericho town. It is available on the streets in kiosks like those of the community phones .It costs a hundred shillings to play one enter one game .That is a total of numbers that can enter in to the draws
The games ones existed in the town but it is not known what happened to them until they had to get out of this town .They demolished their kiosks and moved away only to come back again a month ago .There are slight differences between the equipments that are used .The first people who operated this business in the town used some kind of computerized machines that the player used to enter his participating numbers in to the draws by selecting on a key board that was electronically linked to the computers in their head offices in the capital city of Kenya ,Nairobi, and this happened directly after the player had purchased a ticket from the machine attendant and the selected the numbers that he guessed would win and on the ticket and then typed it in to the machine .The head office was then left with that information to go with the rest of the procedures .The draws were then done live on the Kenya broadcasting Co -operation television every evening and the winning numbers were advertised to the participants .

The present people use only a phone .You pay a hundred shillings ,then you choose and type the numbers that you guess that they could the winning one and then The attendant types them for you into the phone which sent your entry in to the draws directly to their head offices in the capital city ,Nairobi. The attendant brings the results of every days games the following morning with her.

The games seen as to be too expensive to the small people in the country how ever however, one hundred shillings is too expensive and the small people in the Jua kali places have started leaving it to the rich people to go on playing them .The games operators should have place the playing charges at twenty shilling s minimum fee ,otherwise the high income per day for the lowest class of people on the streets, I this town that is ,is one hundred and fifty ,too little for them to afford even one game of lotto and then take care of their other needs .

There have been some suspicions about the reliability of the machines following the many lottery games scams on the internet and those are involved in the business have to do something extra to convince the people that the games are genuine and if they win ,they will be given their prizes .Otherwise ,they can start linking them to the internet scams .

The most trusted lotteries in Kenya include the Kenya charity sweepstakes; otherwise most of them are viewed with bend eyes.
Published: 2008-09-06
Author: john ambuli

About the author or the publisher
I'm a Kenyan .I'm thirty nine years old and i read up to the O level in my country and i do freelance news reporting at the Kenya news agency offices in Kericho kenya.

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