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Love! How Important Is Love In Life?

Love, its importance in life

If we take a moment and think what all do we require to survive in this world. We will come up with things like clothes, food, shelter and love. Yes, love is one thing without which no one can ever survive. Love is that ingredient that adds spice in our lives. Love is something that makes us feel that we are special, we are important because there is someone who loves us from inner core of the heart. Love is something that gives us the passion to live life happily. Love is the most beautiful ingredient that is required for the normal progress of a person. No matter how wealthy we are, we all crave for that special person always.

Love gives the meaning to our lives. Love is that thing that gives us the confidence to move in life. Love is required everywhere in every sphere of life. Even while cooking also if we add a dash of love the dish comes out to be delicious. When we give unconditional love to someone it gives them the strength to move ahead in life. With this love only we can sail through the hard times in life.

Love indeed is important not only for the mental growth but our overall growth also improves with it. Love is something with which we can’t live without. So give love to all those who are special and who matters to you because without love life is like a lifeless tree which is never watered and never nurtured. So Love your family and all those people who are precious to you.
Published: 2007-06-07
Author: Simran SODHI

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I love to write general interest articles and also articles on real life experiences. I have a vast collection of my own original articles and poems which i am ready to submit for publication. Reading and writing poetry is my passion. I am a student of writers bureau Uk and also a member of writes circle.I love creative work and that is the reason why i love making portarits and love to paint.Amongst my favourite authors i like the work of Norman Vincent Pillai, Dan Brown, Jeffrey Archer,

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