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Love is a wonderful gift


Love is a wonderful gift by God.Love gives happiness and joy. Love makes pleasure to every people. Love is God and God is love. Love is an abstract noun which the world go round.Love is a song between two hearts. Love is an eternal bond between two hearts. Love is like a rose which blooms in winter shade,the people who know its value will never let it fade. Love is the sign of oneness. People from different countries living together and sharing their love with each other and form oneness. These people know that they are living on the Earth,the kingdom of love ruling by God.

Love stops fight between two countries. Love lights the people's heart and stops the violence and form oneness. Love is like a precious pearl, if people drop, it disappears. God's father and human being father are the one. In english we call him "Father", in hindi we call him "Ishwar" and in urdu we call him "Allah" while God is one but has different words in different languages. Father or Allah or Ishwas are sending love to the earth which has no pains, no tears and no hurts only love is love everywhere.

If people stop feeling pain and sorrow then they will feel love and happiness in their life. If people stop thinking pain and sorrow and talk about love then they will get joy in their life. Love is sharing with others to give happiness.Love lights every person's heart with thousands of candles and destroy pain, tears and hurt.

"Let the knowledge of love spread everyehere in the world and destroy the ignorance of darkness". Little word "Love" would change dramatically into something so beautiful. Love shines every person's life with full of happiness,contentment and pleasure." Love is a bigger than the sea and higher than the sky". Love of moon which is sweet as sugar and beautiful as a flower. Accept this love gifted by God and live life by sharing love and happiness with each other.
Published: 2006-12-28
Author: Sujata Kanojia

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I am a english writer.I have done master degree in literature.I am staying with my father in beautiful city Pune in India.I have given two essays to Israel website.I write essays,plays,novels,screenplays,short stories and articles.

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