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Love is by Chance or Choice?


Love..its such a wide term,but only few know the true meaning and zenith of this word,love is seen in a royal lover and even in poor mother,in heaven and even in hell,but what is behind the curtains is what is love?several times my friends asked me about it..but i simply smiled and shrugged my shoulders because i know love cant be expressed in terms of language and words,it can only be felt in a gesture,in a smile,in a kiss and even in tears.

It wasn't the blue moon ago when i lost my best friend,i thought i could never move on in my life but no,i was so wrong i moved on not because that was not my true love towards him as a friend but because love asks you to move ahead not to stand-still,to give rather to expect in return,to pray for a small smile of other,to fight with even the waves at the time of trial....

My mother loves me,so do my father not because without them i wont be anything but because without me they wont be lover loves me not because i am pretty but because of the fact he feels charming when i stand beside him,we make each other friends love me not because i help them in their troublesome time but because without each other we'll be hollow from inside....

Love can be in many names,be it friendship,motherhood,fatherhood,and much more but it has one definition...a definition of purity,a divine truth,salty tears,fights,patch-up,holding of breathe and giving even what is not ours.!!!

I hope i was able to redefine the sacred word "LOVE"
Published: 2008-02-24
Author: neena tripathi

About the author or the publisher
i m neena from india,a 16 years old girl i write fictional stories on few forums....i want a job as a writer not for money but the sake of establishing my identity show the world there stands a girl different from others in a crowd....i have skills to write stories and can even write aim is to touch the zenith of the world,and for me even sky is also not the limit.

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