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Love vs. worship

Love Worship

Worship to God (Creater) is purely different than worship to any person (Creature) by Creature……

Worship to God is due to many reasons…

Because He created us…. Because we need to worship Him…. Because we are created to worship him… because we cannot express our Love and thankfullness to him except by worshipping him…. And worship may have variety.. from offering namaz to being kind hearted to humanity and sacrificing to needy…. These are different aspects of worshipping God…

And To love someone with turest essence of love… is itself a part of Worshipping God… to love creatures is to love Creator….

In General, to be kind n helpful to needy humanity and being of high ethics and good morals, is also part of worship to Allah…

But, very few know it that to Love some special person, ie. A True Beloved in the romantic sense with utmost sincerity n purity and holiness and devotion…. Is also a part of worshipping God…

Hasn’t God told in Quran that we have created men n women and have kept a sense of affection among you…. And that when it comes to conjugal relation, God has made it clear that Only ONE person can be True Soulmate .. because we have one heart and with one heart, we can give our heart to only ONE person.. not more than one…

So, it is not an easy task to be really sincere, honest n loyal to a person with whom you are religiously, socially and legally allowed to have the kind of relationship which involves your instinctive desires … and your physical needs …. So to be really dedicated n pridefully affectionaltely sacrificing to someone is not easy in this relationship, which is not by birth… but by choice… and it is not easy to be joyfully and pridefully make sacrifice for that person only because You really love that person… even if that person cannot give you those benefits which are supposed to be fruits of this realtionship…. Like instinctive pleasures, like progenies, like material wealth as in our society… even despite all religious, legal, social permissions to leave or replace that person with someone else who can satiate your desires of all kinds and needs of all types… but if you Joyfully and Pridefully wishes to remain with that person for whole life n life hereinafter, then it is not a Child’s play… even if you are determind to live into that person’s memory if God takes the person away from you for whole life by material death.. then you are PRIDEFULY AND BY CHOICE, wish to live into that person’s memories n dinvine love, instead of going for next person to live with you for rest of your life….

This is almost impossible task… (Keeping in view I mention PRIDEFULLY and By Choice, not by any social reasons or any psychological factors or any forced sacrifice or any courtesy task….)

So, this kind of dedication is part of Worship to God… because, You fulfil your Promise despite you have all rights to buy material n physical pleasure for you, but you abstain from them for that person because that is yours desire too….

So, You see to Love God, to love One God because He Created You, because He is One, because, religion and society and morally you are also bound to worship Him, because You have no alternate but to worship Him…. (Sure, worship due to Love is Real Worship)….but mostly it is due to FEAR and Moral n Social, Religious Custom)…. That’s why we find millions of people wishing to perform Hajj but there is extreme dearth to find Really Kind n glorious hearted person….. We find Hermits, but we don’t; see many Good humanbeings….

So, You worship God, and you have no alternate and there is no source which is permitting you not to worship Him… Sure, worship due to Love is Great, but at least YOU Must worhip in any way…

But, when it comes to Conjugal relationship or prior to this relationship… A True Love between two Humanbeings of opposite genders…. Tehn there are many alternates and permissions not to be Bound with each other… All Religion, Law, Society and morals, all permit for other Choices… But, still if somebody Wishes to Reject those Tentalizing and Irresistible offers, then Isn’t it GREAT…..

Isn’t it REAL Worship…. ?!!!

And Listen, this Real Worship due to True Love…. Or better to say that True love which seems similar like worship due to its Grand Intensity and Purity… is not an ordinary thing or common sight…

It is RARE … It is Very Very Hard to find…

But it does exist… and it may exist theoritically….

Because Loving God’s beloved, is loving God itself…. If you love your kind mother, you love God, if you love your affectionate father, you love God.. if you love your cute Sister, you love God… if you love your devoted friend, you love God…

Same way if you Love a God’s beloved girl, then you LOVE GOD…

And the difference between relations by birth and relation by Choice you well know….

Even, brothers, sisters and friends maybe many, but a matrimonial companion can only be one…..

If you have many sisters, you can love everyone without any problem…. And same way you can be loving n caring to many friends…. But you cannot be same way Loving n caring to many conjugal partners….

For an instant… just think, just imagine…. How would you feel if your soulmate says she loves and has same kind relationship with other person like you…. Can you bear/afford/tolerate it….

Is this possible to love many with same purity n intensity in conjugal relationship…????! NOT

So, when someone knows this reality and ready to Prove it and goes on this track for someone… and both are mutually sliced in same thoery n emotions n views… then isn’t it GREAT ?!

God has given you so much gifts which you can never repay and whole of life you can spend in thanking Him but cannot be out of obligation to thank Him…. So if you worship Him even due to Love, then it is a Must to do task and such love must have been into your self since ever because there is not two Gods but only One and You can Love that One… You did not have choice… and that love is little bit similar to Love to your mother n father…. Coz you may have only one mother… a genuine one…

Yes, Love to GOD is Marvelous and Grand…

But, when you choose ONE person (Out of Billions)… with Truest emotions of Purity, honesty, loyality, devotion, dedication, Pride n happiness, Peace n belief, trust n sharing in each other and remains whole life to prove this KNOT WAS HOLY since beginning.. Then How Marvelous n GRAND that must be…. You can imagine….

Not to tell you that first Relation between man & woman was not Mother n Child.. but was Conjugal Soulmates….

We have lost its Holiness and Sacredness…. We have considered it far mre cheaper n lower than its truest essence…. We consider it merely a Religious n social duty and a permission to fulfil our instinctive carnal desires in a legal n moral manner….

We cannot see its REALITY… it is beyond merely a religious n social n legal thing….

Physcial Relation is far more of secondary nature between Soulmates… but A REAL n True Love even prior to conjugal legalization makes them REAL Soulmates…. Many bed partners cannot be soulmates after spending decades together… but Some may be REAL SOULMATES even without ever touching them physically….

Love is HOLY Thing….

Love is SACRED thing…

Yes, God wanted to be known….. so God Created Cosmos and created Man, but with woman….. So God wanted Love’s reality to be known…..

And Loves reality cannot be known in any other relation as deeply as in this relation…

All other relations with opposite gender, like Mother and Sister and daughter are of the nature where Selfish desires are curbed and there is all religious n social n legal prohibitions – and we don’t have choices, but they are by birth… and yes, there can great love for mother and sister n daughter, but you well know a mother, a sister and a daughter DESERVES it due to by birth relation… she was NOT CHOSEN but GIVEN by God….

But, a Soulmate is Chosen…. And if somebody Proves His Utmost dedication for her, without any Selfish needs fulfilment – like to live with her memories or like to remain celibate if she cannot be got…. Or like still Admiring her if she is barren or even still being proud in her n satisfied if physically she cannot fulfil his carnal desires or still being enthralled for her even if she loses her physical charm accidentally…. So all these dedications when done with Pride n Joy and by choice…. Are Grand n marvelous….

Yes, TRUE Love can only be evolved to an Extra-Ordinary Person with divinely blessed qualities…. And Yes, True Love is MUTUAL, not one sided….

Actually, word worship indicates the INTENSITY of this relation…. And it reflects the Utter Belief and Trust in each other…. It refers to the Utmost Sharing without any Single Secret being hidden or concealed…. When Belief in other’s Pure emotions is so Intense and Trust in his/hers words is utter and Sharing gives real Peace and there is NO FEAR and NO Hypocrisy and No Courtesy or Compromises….. But A True Pride in each other’s nearness and dedication…. Then it is True Love….

So you may say that True Love to God’s Creature is more Rare than Love to God itself…. Because I have explained how complex it is as compared to love to Creator…which is far more simple….

So now what status you wish to give to TRUE Love to Creature…. ?!

Isn’t it a GREAT Worship..?!

A worship without any NEED, without any Compulsions, even in the presences of all Permissions to withdraw…. And a Worship with Pride n Joy…. And a Worship without any Metaphysical Great difference of Status…. Like between God n Creature…. So,it is TRUE Love… it is not ACTUALLY a terminological worship, it is a Poetical worship….. It is not for the sake of entering into EDEN of everlasting pleasures… but only for the sake of being Showered with that True Love, which he/she is showering upon his/her soulmate…. This true Love is not from the Flawsful Creature to the Infallible Creator… but from the Weak Creature to the Weak Creature… Isn’t it GREAT ?!

About love provoking to worship God, it is not always the case, because it is a Compulsory thing to worship God and I have clarfied in detail about this as above… Even if You feel love for God, so irrespective of its preciousness, you must admit that there are countless obligations upon you from God… but there is no such obligations upon Created soulmates when they feel true love…. This is far more…. Complex, Precious and RARE….

You are not Allowed to fulfil any selfish or carnal pleasures with Creator…. But you are totally allowed for all carnal pleasures n material comforts and getting progenies etc. etc. So if someone can withdraw from all these pleasures and still Love because he never loved for these things… then how Sacred n holy his feelings maybe …. You can maybe Imagine….!

And You well know that God is forgiving to us for our sins n mistakes… because he is Creator and we are Creatuers…. He is Infallible and we are naturally weaker n full of physcial flaws… He is Unlimited and Omnipotent and we are limited n confined n weak…. So we commit sins and ask for forgiveness and He forgives Us with generosity….

But when between creatures…. Two persons being soulmates… one makes mistakes and looks upto other person… and he/she says.. I won’t forgive you…. Because.. your mistake is mine, your woes n your happiness is mine… so why to forgive you…. When I am not angry /hurt… because when I’ll make mistake I know you will do the same… coz we are same…. Not two..

And God is Love and Love is God… means… that God has poured into us from His Soul…. So what is his Soul ? nobody can know its nature…. Its physical ingredients… but we Feel.. that to Worship God and to feel Love to worship Him is an ingredient of His soul… and when to have true Love to a person is also a part of love to God, so that true also becomes part of God’s soul ie. Love…Ultimate Love…. Part of that ultimate love….

Because, to have true love for some special person is the Acme of our Self’s divine attribute…. Apogee of our best possible endowed qualities…. Zenith of our deepest possible heavenly emotions…. Pinnacle of the Nearness to God’s desired characterstics ie. Summit of Highest human qualities…. That’s seen in that soulmate’s love… which is neither merely kindness nor merely obligation upon someone, neither a compromise nor merely courtesy…. But beyond the material world, metaphysical aspect of human self.. that’s in Love… We can Know God when we are in True Love…. And by the way of reaching the highest point in human love between creatures, we may reach nearest to love between Human n God…

So, this Emotion of Love is dinvine, and as you know Love is Elixir n panacea…. So it is God’s wished Quality, coz God loves humans… and love if prevails then can root out all evils.. so God is Pure Love and Love is itself a route to God ie. Love is God…in other words….

GOD wants love to prevail on Earth and into Cosmos.. coz it keeps the Creatuers into perfect harmony to make their abode as heaven.. so God is Love…. And …. When Humans are into True Love, then they become Perfect humabeings…. Which leads them to the status of beloved of God…so Love is a way to reach God and so it becomes itself God…

Note out that, the word Worship is also used aimed at expressing the INTENSITY of Truest Love…. It is not to be confused with religious or theological concepts of worship to Allah…
Published: 2007-03-24

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I am a freelance writer who loves to write on topics realted to Relationship and Self Improvement. I am also a Poet and have got my poetries published by International Library of Poetry, USA. I may be contacted or By Cell: 00-92-345-2508971. You are Welcome to make comments by email or on cell.

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