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Make a Choice

live life

Now I feel hunger,
Now I feel hate.
Yet I do not know why,
Yet I do not know how.

Still I feel it’s my fault,
Still I feel all this blame.
But I do not want it,
And want it all gone.

When will it leave me?
When will I be free?
When can I go on and
Live my life like I want?

This day will never come,
This day will never show.
I know this must be true,
I know what must be done.

I must live my own life,
The way I want to live it.
I must not ever hold back,
I mustn’t be walked through it.

Maybe I’ll live on,
Maybe I’ll get help.
Yet I know one thing’s clear,
I will not ever leave you here.

You will follow me everywhere,
You will guide me through it all.
You will give out a helping hand,
You will be one to guide me through.

I know this since it has been done,
I know this since you don’t give up.
If there’s but one thing important to you,
I’m sure it is life and not death of another.

So give life today, and be blessed tomorrow,
Get up and move it! Give blood to another.

If one day you would be in danger,
I’m sure you’d want help of simply anyone!
So why won’t you do the same,
Why won’t you help that someone?

Go on my friend; give hope to the people,
Enlighten their day and let out a smile.
Do this today, or do it tomorrow,
And forever remember what you’ve done;
Forever remember the love you’ve spread around.
Published: 2006-05-14
Author: Lucille Dana

About the author or the publisher
Born in the city of Montreal, in the year 1987, in a loving home and surrounded by the most wonderful family, I was their little Lulu. Always the shy one in class, would always listen to teachers and do well on class assignments. I would almost never make any spelling or grammar mistakes which was why I decided to do something with this talent of mine. That was when I began writing my own poems, short stories, essays, articles, and many more.

More about me on my website.

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