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make a free video game easily

AGS, video games, point and click, free, easy

Everyone who has ever played a video game, especially a very bad one, has said once in their lives that they could of done a better job than that. Whether it is story lines, music, characters or even lasting effect, video game companies seem not to notice what players want. It is time for players to stop being disappointed and take control. How? You ask. Well, how about making a game you would like to play. Yes, you, make a video game. You don’t have millions of dollars you say? No problem, it’s free.

For those who think this article is about making some Hi-Fi 3d next generation animation game, well I am sorry to disappoint, but that is not the case. As I said earlier, this procedure is free. In fact, if you’re the type of person who loved those old Sierra or Lucas art point and click video games of the 90’s, this article is for you.

For eight years now the adventure game studio (AGS) website has let people pretty much create their own point and click game. All you need to do is download the AGS editor and little to medium know how.

There are many features to this editor that will simplify the making of a nice video game. Dialog, cut scenes, sound and music can all be added. Of course some knowledge of computer programming can and will be useful for more advanced features. A full tutorial is also on the website for any question you might have while building your game. A step by step guide is also there if you’re a first timer.

The length of the game you make depends on how much work you will want to put into it. Playing time can be as little as 2 minutes or as long as of a couple of days. It all depends on the story you invent and the difficulty you choose.

Now when you’re game is tested and you find that it is pretty much finished, you may ask, What do I do now? The answer is pretty simple and fun. You post in on the website for others to download. Again, the whole process of making the game, posting it is all free. Others can download you’re game and you can download theirs. You can also leave comments and receive some too. There is even an AGS award. Each year, the AGS community votes for their favourite adventure game. Categories like, best game, story/character and technical awards can be won.

If you’ve ever had a story in you’re head that you thought would make a great adventure game, this is the place to go It is by far the most fun, easy and affordable way you will have of building a video game.

Published: 2007-11-19
Author: Derek Cyr

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Born and raised in front of the ocean has a way of always wanting to look further. For this reason, I have always been interested at looking at every aspect of life. To say that I like everything would be wrong. To say that I usually like to try before deciding would be fair. By doing this, I was able to narrow down what I’m interested in. I started playing drums at 10 years old and I have never got tired of it. I also love kayaking ever since I discovered, as a child, that water can be an open road. My love of writing came when I realized that, though many people read, most don’t completly read. It can be skipping a phrase while reading a book or just reading the headline of an article. I try my best to find a way of writing that will make people read the whole thing before turning the page.

As for interests go, you can say that life and death interest me very much. So much of unknown aspects in both worlds. Family, friends, music, movies, books and newspapers will always keep me happy.

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