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Make Money on eBay - Where to Find Products to Sell on eBay

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EBay receives more than one million visitors every day. These people come to eBay not just visiting, they are looking for something and ready to buy when they found the items they are looking for. If you have something to sell online, eBay obviously is the best place for selling your stuff. You can sell almost anything you can imagine on eBay. Here are some tips and ideas that can help you start making money on eBay.

Sell High Demand Products
To find out what products are hot in eBay, you can check out eBay Hot Categories report at which can help you decide what kinds of hot items you want to sell. After deciding what items to sell your next question is where to buy these items for reselling on eBay. You can buy your stocks from wholesalers, but you usually need to order in bulks. Thus it will cost you several hundreds to thousands to buy the stocks at the beginning. One way to start your eBay business with minimum cost is deal with drop ship wholesalers. Drop ship wholesalers allow you to list their products for sale on eBay and other auction sites without paying upfront to stock products. You only pay to the drop ship wholesaler when an item is sold and the drop ship distributor will ship the item on your name to your customer. You don't store any inventory; package and ship merchandise.

Garage Sales and Thrift Stores
You can find inexpensive items for reselling on eBay from garage sale and thrift stores. Take some time to shop around for the items you wish to resell on eBay.

Sell Returned Items
Another way to get things to sell on eBay is buy returned items from stores and retailers. Usually the stores will not resell returned items again so they have to do something with it. You can try to approach store managers and ask them whether they can sell the items to you at below cost.
Published: 2006-06-09
Author: Alan Liew

About the author or the publisher
Alan Liew is the webmaster of which provides information, tips and ideas of how to make money online. You can also check out his blog to find out more ways to make money online.

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