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Making Clean Money - the Biblical Way

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You might be thinking of how you can make enough money to be able to cater for all your needs and pay your bills. What comes to mind most of the time is that you want to make that money as clean as possible so that you can spend it with a free conscience, without having to listen to what people will say. This is the problem of most of us. But there is a biblical way of making money without having a guilty conscience. I discovered this reading 2 Kings 4: 1- 7.

In these verses we read about a widow in debt who want wants the prophet Elisha to do something for her. Elisha asked her what she had at home. She said a little oil. She was asked to go and borrow jars into which she will pour this oil. She did and the result was marvellous. The oil poured and filled all the jars. She was to go and sell the oil and use the money to pay her debt and cater for herself.

There are five steps in these verses you can follow to make clean money. These are: identifying what you have; valuing what you have, investing what you have, keeping your initial investment secret, and marketing your product.

1. First step to making clean money: identify your potentials.
God has endowed every human being with enough ability and potentials to make money to meet at least his or her basic needs and to even reach out to those who might find themselves in need at a particular point in time. We turn to ignore a lot of these potential or underrate their ability to make us make enough money. Take time sit down and list the many things you can do easily without having to go through any rigorous training or education. List the things you can do by learning them. You are capable of doing a lot. The question Elisha asked the woman after her long complain is relevant to you: what do you have? Identify your potentials, your talents and your skills. They are the things that will make you have enough money, not necessarily your job.

2. Second step to making clean money: value your potentials.
After identifying your potentials, you need to value them. Do not think any of them is so insignificant to make money with. Do not be like the widow who belittled the oil she had by calling it little. That little oil had the potential of multiplying and expanding to fill jars and jars. Develop the attitude of looking at the bottle positively by saying “it is half full” and not “it is half empty”. Just think about these: Shakespeare had no degree in Drama yet his plays maid many professors of Drama. Bill Gates has no degree in IT yet he makes more money in IT than any other person. There are many singers today who do not have any musical qualification but employ those who have these qualifications. Your talents are very valuable. Value them for you are the only person who can do that.

3. Third step to making clean money: invest your potentials.
Your potentials are valuable, yet you cannot make money with them until you put them to work. The woman’s little oil has the capacity to expand but that capacity was latent until she started pouring it into jars. That is work. Invest your talents buy employing them. You cannot make money sitting at home and watching TV. You cannot make clean money by begging or expecting people to give to you all the time. People want to spend their money. They want to buy goods and services. You must learn to provide the services they need and they will be ready to pay for them. Invest your potentials and reinvest them if need be.

4. Fourth step to making clean money: secrecy.
It is not very safe talking about what you want to do with your potentials and talents immediately you start or even before you start. This is very essential because there are people who are out on the look to steal good ideas and making them theirs. Others will discourage you. Human beings are all the time pessimistic. They find a hundred reasons why something can not succeed, no reason why it will succeed. That is why Elisha told the widow to enter her room and lock it before she pours out the oil into the empty jars. For every business there is an incubation stage. This stage must be protected as eggs are protected by birds during this period. Protect your investments buy keeping silent about them initially if you want them to yield you good money.

5. Fifth step to making clean money: marketing the products.
After the oil filled the jars the woman asked what she had to do. Elisha told her to go and sell it. You must market or find markets for your products and services. It is a well known fact in business to day that people do not necessarily buy because they want to buy, they are made to. Marketing or selling your products and services is the final step to making money. At this stage you see the money coming straight into your hand. This is the time you become an expert and you can teach people. Selling your expertise is the crowning stage of making money with your potential.

You can see that it is possible to make enough money for yourself without having a guilty conscience. This starts with identifying your God-given potentials and working with them. There is no need to wait now that you know. Take the first step. Start now.
Published: 2008-07-27
Author: Dawn Kwashie Ganu

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