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Making your own birthday party invitations

birthday party invitations

Some people just know how to make party specials

Do you know a person that everyone seems to go to for party ideas? Do you know a person that always seems to come up with just the right touch to make occasions special? I am fortunate enough to have such a person as a sister. Even when we were children she seemed to have the best ideas for making occasions more special. It was not a surprise to any of us that know her when she got a job as an events planner for a major city. She has been very successful in this job. She coordinates major city activities as well as fund raisers. She seems to thrive on the hustle and bustle that comes with such events.

Turning 50 party invitations

My husband is turning fifty this year. I wanted to have a special party. Many of our friends have reached this same milestone so we have been invited to many birthday parties. I wanted his party to stand out as something special. I called my sister to see if she would help with the planning. She came over one afternoon to help me make plans. We started with the birthday party invitations. I told her that I had looked at different invitations but several of them we had already received for other people’s birthdays. She suggested that we use the card making computer program and design our own. There were stock birthday party invitations included in the program. The inside had all the traditional information needed such as date, time and place. The front was blank so anything could be placed on it.

Pictures invitations and placemats

My sister asked me if I had a baby photo or grade school photo of my husband. I dug out the photo album that his mother had made for him and we started looking. She had the full series of his school pictures from kindergarten through graduation. My sister suggested that we scan the photos and make them smaller. We then lined them across the face of the birthday party invitations. On the inside cover we put a recent photography of him holding a prize fish that he had caught over the summer. We wrote a short invitation asking people to come to our home on the date we had decided on and the time. My sister then made a larger version of the birthday party invitation, which she took to a printer to have placemats made for the tables. The invitations and placemats turned out great.

Party was great

We decided that we would serve finger foods and a variety of beverages along with two kinds of birthday cake. My husband loves cheesecake so I had a cheesecake made and decorated as a birthday cake and we also had a traditional chocolate birthday made for those that do not like cheesecake. The party was a great success. I am so thankful that my sister took the time to help me make it special.
Published: 2007-09-18
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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