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Malady of a Cynosure

sex, teacher, doctor

Malady of a Cynosure

Sex is still an unmentionable in our society. People hardly talk about it. I have met several instructors who do not teach reproductive system of Health although it is included in syllabi. Whenever they complete other chapters, either they make an excuse or ask the class to prepare it themselves.

Interestingly, they flaunt for the need of sexual education in school, both male and female teachers hesitate to be open on sexuality. The students are not different from their teachers. Unless they meet the same sex partner, they seldom discuss on it. If anyone shows interest in this context, get the label of rogue.

I am no exception. I was brought up in this partially closed society. However, I do not think it is a bad culture because for me shame helps construct good society in some milieus. Since last couple of years I had been wondering how I could get help from a doctor because a very tiny portion of my foreskin started discoloring. When I found it growing slightly more over a year, I became little bit worried. I did not know how, where and who to get my genital organ checked up.

Deciding firmly, one morning I headed to a government hospital. I found a big solace when I entered the room changing couches for half an hour outside. Thanks god! Besides two women, there were other two men hanging stethoscopes around their napes.

I muttered my malady to one of the male doctors. At once, he whispered it to a woman in her mid thirties. She got up enthusiastically and said, 'He is just doing internship here, he's not a doctor yet; let's go to another room, tell me everything.' Though I was in impasse, I heeded her advice submissively. Behind her were those two China returned boys who were assisting the specialists. After fastening the door, she asked me to open the button. 'Unbutton it.' There were big conflicts in my mind. First, I thought I should run away from there--opening japer in front of an opposite sex, god forbid me! Nevertheless, second instinct was gathering some guts 'take it easy' – you are a patient and she is a doctor, not Lolita. Perhaps, I was never in such difficult situation earlier. 'If I think this way, how do the girls feel when male gynecologists serve them in different situations?' Moreover, I could not be a hypocrite. "Come on, don't waste time." Finally, I unfastened my button in immense nervousness.

She examined it from a distance. Then she went outside to ask her senior, as she could not figure out the cause. I was trembling with coyness and suspicion of serious infection. A little later, another woman doctor in white dress along with her colleagues entered the room. However, this time, I opened it as soon as I got the instruction. The second woman observed it closely adjusting her lenses; that time I did not feel cold inside. Opening her tight lips she confirmed, 'it is viltigo (discoloring skin), no need to worry, it does not affect you… may vanish fast.' Then I myself found some consolation.

I hurried down with a prescription of an ointment realizing my stupidity. Many people blame the government hospitals. On the contrary, I always get satisfactory service from them. That spot has just disappeared; I have developed courage to discuss on any woe openly irrespective of genders in coming days. Did not I take their help that infection could be a nuisance.

Published: 2007-01-01
Author: eak prasad duwadi

About the author or the publisher

Born in 1976 at Dhola-9, Dhading, Eak Prasad Duwadi now lives in Kathmandu. He’s involved in many National/International organizations. English Literature Master’s Degree holder with couple of other degrees including Mass Communications, Mr. Duwadi who has won notable awards, is a prolific writer in contemporary issues. He has been teaching in reputed Schools, colleges and university students for last ten years in Nepal. Currently, he’s a faculty in Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel.

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