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Management is both an art and a science.Effectiveness and efficiency are two important watchwords of any management activity.More than any other discipline management requires the application of common sense .Because it is basically a field that is continuously in quest of truth that forms the basis for decision making.

A manager should be effective.Effective in his interaction with colleagues.Meant,he should make himself very clear.A manager has to be effective in reporting to his peers.Meant,he should be able to present his work in a very conspicuous manner to them.A manager has to be effective in dealing with his subordinates.Meant,he should be able to tell them what exactly he wants from them.

Operational efficiency well and truly points to managerial efficiency.Efficiency of operations in terms of cost,time and resources deployed to achieve predetermined objectives,underlines the efficiency of a manager.Over the years military has by far been the biggest organizations.Thereby some management techniques adopted in military like emphasis on discipline,performance orientation was adopted by many organizations.Undesirable aspects of military organizations like hierarchy,bossism etc were eschewed by commercial organizations which wished to be flexible and welcome to changes.Also,with the passage of time and arrival of new technologies in business organizations have become flatter and hierarchy is shunned.

There are several examples that can be taken to illustrate good management strategies and practices.The moral of the story is that every person is unique and that what may fire up one need not produce the same effect on the other.

Published: 2009-02-25
Author: K Sethu Madhavan

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A management professional with eight years experience in telecommunications industry, I have written a lot of articles in subjects related to management and strategic information analysis.

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